Ivan Babic

“If everything you do, you do it FOR THE GOOD OF PEOPLE, you will find the congruence in your life that allows you to create desirable and profitable world-class business ideas, and become a better human being in the process”. If you agree with this, let me introduce you to Ivan Babic.

Partner in Innovation and Founder at Business as Unusual, international speaker, and a great storyteller. You must talk to Ivan if you want to challenge the paradigms of your organization at all levels. Expert in Marketing and Innovation, Entrepreneur and Startups Developer, he has created several methodologies and models applying the principles of the HUMAN-CENTERED approach to create new ways of doing business.

With more than 20 years of a very fun, exciting and successful career in advertising, and with two failed startups of his own, he learned the hard way the lack of common sense in the business world. “After years working with clients of all sizes in Venezuela, Spain and Mexico, I realized almost everyone was missing the same thing: GOOD IDEAS. Everything seemed to be about finances, structure, technology and communications. They all had the pressure to innovate, but didn’t know where to head to.”

“No one seems to be really caring about creating value. Some give it for granted, but many others just don’t know how to do it. The value equation happens inside people, it is a multifactored subjective arithmetical formula. So, creating value is a combination of art and science. The art of understanding people, the way they think and behave, their beliefs and what they need. And the science of generating solutions to those problems, responding with blunt hypothesis, testing, validating, iterating and collecting data to support it. Good ideas come only from a Human-Centered process.”

He studied Communications at Universidad Católica (Caracas, Venezuela) and is Master in Business Entrepreneurship from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). His favorite words: WHAT IF…

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Ivan Babic

Partner in Innovation / Founder

Business as Unusual

Email: ivan@unusual.business

Mobile: +52 (1) 55 7117 0667


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