2 Ways Globalization


We like to challenge market conditions with new and creative ideas, products and services. We are both consumers and providers. We are offering and looking for competitive prices. We believe and promote a sharing economy and innovative business models.


The McDonald’s history. Using a mass production approach and a great sense of service, this brand moved from a hamburguers local shop in California to a huge meat & brick worldwide empire, with a globally succesfull franchise model. The first time we heard about the problems of globalization, it was someone using McDonald’s as an example on how the big economies will eat the small ones.

2 ways globalization - mcdonalds



Fiverr is a global community of freelancers. It covers a variety of services from translations to graphic design to the most strange kind of services, everything for $5 US dollars. It is a demonstration on how technology flipped the coin and now many professional services can be hired accross seas for a ridiculous price (thinking in developed countries terms). To make our point: we paid $5 for our logo at Business as Unusual. It was developed by a girl in afghanistan, where the minimun wage is less than a quarter dollar per day. For her, that money for a logo is a very good deal. For us too.

2 ways globalization - fiverr



A global network of independent filmmakers with an innovative business model: instead of briefing your traditional agency and approving budgets based on ideas and stories, you post a brief and receive finished work, professional videos totally produced, and pay only for those you like and will use.

2 ways globalization - userfarm



Alibaba.com has shown us all how can a global offering be organized and available to the rest of the world. Its main advantage and differentiator is the focus on raw materials and industrial products wholesale, which make it easy for other companies to access and include a huge variety of options, at very competitive prices, in their own production process.

2 ways globalization - alibaba



Hire freelancers and small companies for short/long term projects, anywhere in the world. Remote.com has a huge database of all kind of talents that can help you get your work done without the pains of fixed costs. Ideal for staff augmentation or creating specific workforces for a time span.

2 ways globalization - remote.com



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