70+ Uncertainty


We don’t want to buy into the stereotypical images of the elderly, however we understand the implications of growing old. Reaching retirement has been a major change in our lives with pros & cons, challenges, concerns and questions. If life expectancy has gone longer than ever, so should our quality of life.


By 2050, the life-expectancy average is expected to be 83 years in the developed countries, while 80 in Latin America. Average, that is, at least half of the people’s expectancy will be higher than that. Impressive!

70+ uncertainty - united nations



In the image, the life-expectancy test from our partner Ivan Babic. He drinks alcohol, smokes, eats unhealthily and doesn’t exercise (just for experimental purposes), and his expectancy is, incredibly, 80 years (actually, his life-expectancy is lower than his peers!). That is a huge tool for those selling you retirement plans, like Abaris, as you’ll need one for sure.

70+ uncertainty - Life Expectancy Calculator



Paro, the cuddly robot in the shape of a seal, is becoming increasingly popular since its release some years ago. As the number of people with the diseases of Senile Dementia and Alzheimer rapidly increase, so is the need for suitable solutions. Is the dark side of getting too old.

70+ uncertainty - paro



We often tend to generalize the seniors in our society. But to break this stigmatized image and reduce the social barriers between different generations Yoni Lefevre developed a way to start a dialogue between young and old. Grey Power uses children drawings to visualize a nuanced image of the elderly in society. This positive and colored image become even more stronger by creating costumes based on the children drawings. These are then photographed with real seniors, so the generations literally step into each other’s world.

70+ uncertainty - yoni lefevre



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