A Natural Life


Science moved by profit doesn’t bring us real solutions, but a dependency. Nature is wise. We want to live holistically and in harmony with the whole. Living naturally is healthier for us while we are helping to improve the environment.


Reading ingredient labels to know what you and your family are really eating is of the outmost importance. In most of the cases, what is written in the front of the package is deceptive: you have to read the ingredients in the back, the “fine print”.

a natural life - how to read product labels



One out of five (1/5) fruits and vegetables produced are discarded from the mainstream supermarkets scenario because of size standards or other cosmetic reasons. That is: one fifth of the worldwide production is literally thrown away for no real reason. Imperfect Produce takes those “ugly” nature’s children and get them back on the track of the commercial system, for a cheaper price.

a natural life - imperfect produce



While symptoms-treating drugs don’t cure but make patients dependent on the drug (for the good of business), with all the secondary effects they all have, people are starting to find answers to their health in more holistic ways, such as the Ayahuasca from the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

a natural life - ayahuasca



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