Animal Love


We are more eco-friendly and supportive of sustainable causes, primarily the ones that protect animals because they are innocent and defenseless creatures. We are pet-lovers! Pets are more than companions to us, they are like members of our family: our children.


The killing of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016, after a 4-year-old boy tumbled into the ape’s enclosure, triggered outrage and questions about safety, but specially about the values of many people in this new generation. While in other times there wouldn’t be any doubt about the decision of “killing the ape to save the human”, this particular case became a global phenomenon where thousands of people criticized the decision of the zoo officers because “there are many kids in the world, but not so many gorillas”.

Animal Love - Harambe the gorilla


Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs, a concept car for the whole family, including, of course, your dogs. The videos of this concept car received millions of views, likes and shares, enough to demonstrate the potential of the concept in this new world.

Animal Love - Nissan X-Trail


Welcome to Pooch Hotel, open for you and your dog 24 hours a day, every day. With 24/7 webcam access, and 24/7 drop-off & pick-up, you’ll always be close to your pet even when you’re far away. We love dogs. We love them like you love them. While they’re boarding or hanging out in our daycare, they’ll get just as much attention and affection as they do at home. And don’t worry, their health and safety are always our #1 priority.

Animal Love - Pooch Hotel


In 2016 Cinemex announced its new Pet Friendly service. For specific movies in specific schedules you may be able to see a film in the company of your dog, cat or goldfish 🙂

Animal Love - Cinemex


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