Big Data Generating More Value


Data is everywhere, we create it and we consume it. We leave an increasingly trace of information which we all can use and analyze. As consumers and providers, we want to collaborate to gain insights and add value for each other.


Amazon has been using data from every interaction users have with the platform to make the best purchase suggestions to its users since the beginning of their operations.

Big Data Generating More Value - Amazon


Having thousands of titles to see, we appreciate big data and algorithms to be used to recommend us the best shows based on affinity with our own tastes. Netflix is using also big data to their content production business, selecting topics and actors based on users’ preferences to maximize the potential of their products since the beginning.

Big Data Generating More Value - Netflix


We don’t mind sharing with servers, algorithms and other people our information, even our current physical location and our destination, if in exchange we’ll get real value (such as the fastest way to get there).

Big Data Generating More Value - Waze


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