Facilitate My Life


We look for simple, efficient and suitable solutions. We want to feel we have more control over our everyday life. We desire our day-to-day experience to be more pleasant and productive.


We all know making hand-crafted artisanal coffee is of unbeatable quality and flavor. But we don’t necessarily know how to craft a good one. It takes time and experience, so rather we prefer a one-click experience to have a great coffee.

Facilitate My Life - Nespresso



Matching platforms and apps have existed for long, full of boring and long questionnaires, quizzes and demographics to find your perfect match. Tinder instead works only with a picture and a small text, enough to have a first impression and swipe (left or right) depending on your judgement. That is simple.

Facilitate My Life - Tinder



Make Google Do It. That is the evolution of interactions with platforms. In the future you may ask your personal AI assistant, in natural language, to do, remember and search things for you. And as it is evolving, it can foresee what you may actually need to know and suggest it to you (such as the time to leave for the airport or your wedding anniversary).

Facilitate My Life - Google Assistant



Click here to navigate our list of Behavioral Trends for value creation, full of insights and needstates, written from a post-demographic human-centered perspective by our partner Andrea Lobo.


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