Fear of Missing Out


We should be able to exhaust all the opportunities we want and keep alternatives open all the time. We put an emphasis on that which we have not yet attained, but desperately want to. We want it all and wish to be up to date of all available options.


Ferrero installs Pop-up stores in Christmas in different cities around the world to teach/show people how Ferrero Rocher pralines are prepared. Those pop-up stores have become very successful showcases for the brand, having lots of press coverage and waiting lines outside.

Fear of Missing Out - Ferrero Rocher



Hidden organizes clandestine dinners in Mexico. Launched in 2013, they have built a Word-Of-Mouth movement around every unique pop-up dinner they organize. They send an invitation only specifying the date/time of the next dinner. You reserve/pay in advance. Then 2 hours before the dinner they send you the address, so you know where to go (always in a different place). And then you meet with other people to enjoy a surprise menu. Every dinner is a unique experience, that means if you miss one, you miss that one forever.

Fear of Missing Out - The Hidden Kitchen



Videogame consoles like PlayStation always play with special editions of different franchises. In that way they get to sell heavy-gamers more than one console, while push the general market to take advantage of those limited editions, that may actually become collector items in the future.

Fear of Missing Out - Playstation



McDonald’s installed this Ice Coupons machine in Rio de Janeiro during the summer. The idea: after a short interaction with the machine you receive a coupon for a free ice-cream in the nearest McDonald’s. The catch? The coupon is actually made of ice, so after getting it you have to run and cash it out. The benefit? This idea generates immediate traffic to the store, with a very creative solution for a “limited time offer”.

Fear of Missing Out - McDonalds



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