Femininity Reloaded


We don’t want to be like men. Our femininity is only an expression of our identity. We seek collaboration and not competition between genders. For us, being smart and independent is the new “sexy”.


You run like a girl. You hit like a girl. When did that became an insult? Procter & Gamble nailed it with this campaign for the brand Always.

femininity reloaded - always (like a girl)



Why do women have to apologize all the time? Be strong and shine is a powerful message for women around the world.

femininity reloaded - PANTENE SHINESTRONG



Ana Victoria García, from Victoria 147, is empowering women through knowledge and networking. “Women inspiring women”, as their slogan reads, to do business, create, take risks and make the best out of themselves.

femininity reloaded - victoria 147



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