The amount of information we are exposed to, exceeds our ability to treat it. It is often difficult to find what’s really useful for us. We want to make better decisions. We don’t want more distractions and interruptions. Capture our attention, we want something relevant!


Flipboard is an app that helps you manage and process contents. Its algorithm learn from your interactions, clicks, likes and shares and curates content, even your social media, to show you first what you’ll probably find more relevant.

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In this infoxicated era there are too many distractions and focusing on one only task is almost impossible. Every distraction and interruption are equivalent to lowering your IQ level by several points, so it is not only the time you spend to finish something but the quality of the final work what will be affected. You need a technique, and there’s one.

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One of the most successful experiments by Google, the GOOGLE NOW function works as a digital assistant to process all your information and inform you, without even asking, about relevant things. For example, knowing where you are (through and Android smartphone) and that you will flight this afternoon at 5pm to London (because you received your ticket in your Gmail), it will give you in advance relevant information such as the weather at your destination (so you know what to pack), remind you of getting your boarding pass in advance, and even telling you that is time to leave to the airport (crossing your current location with the traffic information in your city). In the era of ATTENTIONOMICS, the real winner is the one who brings you the information you need BEFORE you even know you need it.

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Information design is key for relevance. Based on social media metrics on the digital buzz, Pictoline selects a topic and then develops it in great infographics, easy to understand and worthy to share.

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Morioka Shoten is a bookstore in Tokyo with a single book available at a time, for six days. Under the concept of “a single room with a single book”, it relies fully on its capacity to filter and curate successfully, recommending the selected book among thousands of options out there. A concept so interesting that it has become a tourist attraction for visitors in Japan.

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