Lonely People


The breakthrough in communications technology has allowed us to be more connected than before, yet we feel more lonely than ever. We have been replacing face-to-face conversations with shallow interactions, and relationships are formed and replaced more easily today. We prefer to present a better and edited version of ourselves. We are afraid of intimacy.


A great short video, a must see about loneliness and its consequences.

lonely people - the innovation of loneliness



Life can be incredibly tough for anybody. It can suck, it can feel lonely, and let’s admit it: that’s hard to say out loud. We all know that and maybe, sometimes, we’ve just been made to feel a little afraid to say it. TalkLife is here for everyone and anyone who just needs someone to talk to. Who just needs someone to listen. Because, hey, we all do. You’re never alone here.

lonely people - talklife app



Lumidolls hotel is a brothel attended by silicone dolls. No much more to say about it, great for those men who can’t relate to real women and can’t afford to buy a silicone doll on their own.

lonely people - lumidolls hotel



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