Robot Love


Personal computers, mobile devices, internet, artificial intelligence, big-data, robots and all kind of systems and machines are an important part of our everyday life. We have come to rely and even depend on them. They are always at our service, we trust them and we even have a personal relationship with them, with interactions that involve feelings, emotions and attachments.


Pepper, by SoftBank, is a companion robot created to serve and be part of the family. Its incredible technology, and the naturality of its interactions, make it perfect for taking care of your kids, your old parents, for customer service and many other functions.

robot love - pepper


Going to Japan? You should consider staying at Hen-Na Hotel and being received, attended and served by their robot staff.

robot love - hen-na hotel


Being an opensource project, Pepper, by SoftBank, represents huge opportunities for appliance in different categories. In this example, buddhist monks are being replaced by robots, capable of celebrating masses and conducting funerals.

robot love - pepper


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