The Cheapest or the Plus


We are not loyal customers. We’re always on the quest for the best deals. Superiority claims surround us, but we know is bulls**t. Give us something else, give us real added value, something we would appreciate… or just give us more of the same, for the cheapest price, and shut up.


While every airline in the planet used to put lots of effort to give customers the best service, websites like have demonstrated that most of the time people is just looking for the cheapest price to get to their destination.

the cheapest or the plus -


Toms has been very successful in transferring the value equation to a whole new field. This shoes company makes very simple espadrilles, and while everyone in the market is fighting to sell you the cheapest one in less than a dollar, they have succeeded in selling you a pair for more than 60 US dollars, and people is still happy to buy them. Why? Because instead of selling you shoes, through their “One For One” promise, they sell you something of much more value for you: the possibility to contribute for the poor, and to feel a better human being. How much does that cost?

the cheapest or the plus - toms


A beer is a beer, we all know that. So, you can fight to claim and establish your superiority in quality and price, embrace it and be the cheapest one to gain customers, or laugh about it and win the preference of your consumers through candidness and humor.

the cheapest or the plus - newcastle beer


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