The Democratization of Media


We all have a voice that can be heard globally. Also, we all have access to any content. There is almost no censorship. We feel the information is less monopolized and that we partake in selecting what is important to everybody.


In this new era of rising democracy and access to information, news media have to collaborate with their biggest enemy: Google News. People don’t go to a specific media anymore for a specific note. Now we all search in Google for the topic and click in the first row of results, no matter who wrote it.

the democratization of media - google news


The balance of power has changed, and for the first time in history, thanks to internet and our smartphones, we all have the possibility to be generators, transmitters and receivers of information. El Pulso de la República is an independent editorial youtube channel in México, with already more than 2 millios subscribers.

the democratization of media - el pulso de la república



Having HD Cameras and full connectivy all the time, citizens have become watchers and complainants of what’s happening in the streets. In this case, an Audi driver hit and run a cyclist in Mexico City. Thanks to the video taken by the victim, he was recognized and publicly exposed to legal actions.

the democratization of media - lord audi



Managed totally through social media and smartphones, specially on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, the arab spring started in 2010 in Tunisia and spread over 6 countries in North Africa and the Middle East. People got together to riot and protest against dictatorships, making them fall like in a domino effect.

the democratization of media - arab spring



The Castro’s government from Cuba have established a very successful media machine in Venezuela, responsible for the desinformation of the public. While in other times they may have succeeded without resistance, in this new digital mediatic world people get to get informed by others using social media and showing what is really happening in the streets. In the video one of many examples, the president Nicolas Maduro dances on national TV celebrating his legislative coup d’etat while street protests are being suppresed by the military in real time.

the democratization of media - venezuela riots 2017


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