The Power of the Crowd


It’s about me and you, and mostly what WE want and have in common. A single “big one” cannot keep competing against many “little ones”. We get connected and united for an infinite number of reasons, and ultimately exert influence on a local and/or global scale. WE are in control!


Created in 2001, has shown us all the power of the crowd when people get together with a purpose. The free flow of information, voluntarily crowdsourced and stimulated by individuals all over the world, has generated over the years more than 20 million articles and definitions in more than 260 languages (the equivalent of more than 2500 traditional encyclopedia volumes). It is impossible to compete with crowds with a traditional business model.

the power of the crowd - wikipedia


People get together around causes and purposes all over the world. It may sound harmless, just digital signatures, but when in numbers of thousands or millions they say a lot and put huge pressure over politics and corporations (who see there, obviously, voters and customers).

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What happens when you open the Uber app in a centric location such as Angel de la Independencia in Mexico City? Dozens of cars available around you, less than 5 minutes away. And that happens all around the city, and already in many cities around the world. That is the power of the crowd in action, becoming the biggest ground transportation company in the world in less than 10 years and without owning a single car.

the power of the crowd - uber


Ask AIRBNB how to become the world’s largest accommodation provider, in less than 10 years, without owning a single building or room. IT platforms allow people to get together and organize what they were already doing, in this case, renting their houses, departments or other spaces for short periods of time, as an alternative to the traditional hospitality industry.

the power of the crowd - airbnb

THREADLESS is a casual clothing brand with a crowdsourced on-demand business model. Instead of making the designs to be printed on their t-shirts and other models, they ask people around the world to submit their own designs, and those most voted by the crowd get the chance to go to production. The designer gets paid each time a piece with his/her design is sold.

the power of the crowd - threadless


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