The Recalibration of Health & Beauty


We know health is more important than superficial beauty. Our “beautification” rituals now include a more holistic view between looking good, being healthy and becoming a better person. We are taking care of our body, emotions, mind and spirit. We seek to reflect our inner beauty to the outside.


Dove has become an icon and world reference on the discussion about “Real Beauty”. For almost 20 years they have successfully played with the concept in many initiatives and campaigns, playing a vital role in the new definition of beauty.

the recalibration of health and beauty - dove


While Dove successfully owns the feminine real beauty conversation, Dressmann, a Norwegian clothing brand, found the opportunity to do so for men, with great acceptance among consumers.

the recalibration of health and beauty - dressmann


With the strong message “True Style is Self-Acceptance” this digital media and growing community embraces a movement that explores style beyond “trends, money or presenting a facade of photoshopped perfection”.

the recalibration of health and beauty - StyleLikeU


The biggest tension in this trend is actually between “must be” and “be”. Even if women know high heels are not good for their health, they use them because “they feel they have to” in some specific moments such as work or dates. Tanya Heath takes advantage of this tension with an innovative idea: exchangeable heels.

the recalibration of health and beauty - xxx


Winnie Harlow is an international model who works for brands such as Desigual, Diesel and Swarowski. She has a special skin condition called vitiligo and recently some of her fans started copying her “style” with makeup, generating lots of controversy.

the recalibration of health and beauty - winnie harlow



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