The Revolution of the On-Demand


We just wish to have what we want, wherever and whenever we want it. We don’t need permanent ownership of anything. We need here & now services and products, that are convenient and personalized.


Remember when you used to have “dates” with your TV? Remember those times that you had to adjust your agenda to the TV programming grid? Remember arriving 10 minutes late and losing the beginning of your favorite program? Those stories sound like prehistoric nowadays. Internet and its on-demand interactivity have come to change our relationship with media forever. Now, no doubt about it, you are in control!

The Revolution of the On-Demand - Youtube


The on-demand model has permeated to many industries looking for more efficient business models. In the editorial business, brands like Bubok are playing with a whole new paradigm: instead of printing 1,000 units of a book and then see who to sell them to, they installed an on-demand process so they digitally print only those books that have been already sold through their website. That means zero-waste of paper, ink and resources.

The Revolution of the On-Demand - Bubok


Having the fixed costs that an office represents is not the smartest way to operate your startup or freelance services anymore. In fact, you’ll probably work best from home and so your coworkers and partners. Having a good internet connection seems enough to stay fully communicated. But from time to time you need to get together, and Starbucks is not always the answer. You need privacy to focus with no distractions. You need specific spaces for different moments. Sometimes is a meeting room with a projector to pitch or sell. Sometimes is a garden or by a pool to stimulate creativity. Sometimes is only for 2 people, sometimes for 15. Having a specific space for every specific need, with no fixed costs, is now possible. Thanks to the power of the crowd, Breather lists every available space in your city, so you may rent the nearest and most convenient for hours or days, only when you need it.

The Revolution of the On-Demand - Breather


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