Startups Coaching - Start Your Success - Startups Incubation

When you already have an idea, and maybe some partners, but you need business coaching to understand what’s the real value and the best strategy to make it real. In the entrepreneurship argot this is called STARTUPS INCUBATION.

IDEAS: What’s the real value proposition?

You need to start defining your ideas, not in terms of the idea itself, but in terms of the value people will perceive from them. A real value proposition is something that enhances aspects in people’s lives or solves problems no one else is addressing. So, what value are you proposing to your customers?

ORGANIZATION: Who do I need by my side?

Whatever you want to start, is better if you don’t do it alone. But you must be very careful in selecting the right partners, otherwise, it may be a disaster. Partnerships are like marriages: to be married is better than being alone but please take it seriously.

PEOPLE: What’s my path of least resistance to success?

Through our partnership with Gabriel Uribe, we offer you a full assessment with a method called Wealth Dynamics. It is very important to know yourself and your natural way of leadership.