Behavioral Trends: 50s are the new 30s


50’s are the new 30’s


We have time and money, we didn’t know life started at 50! We are not a burden for anyone, and we have no obligations to others. We want to explore new experiences and solutions.




As advances in science and health come true every day, so our life expectancy and the quality of it. 50+ is a growing tribe.

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Retirement has long been the end-goal for many working people, as a sort of well-earned rest after years of toil. However, once they reach it, a lot of people find themselves unsatisfied, restless and even bored. Which is why some seniors are instead turning their energies towards setting up new businesses or non-profits. Stylishly labelled “encore entrepreneurs”, this growing group of people face both challenge and opportunity in their new endeavour: while they count with decades of experience, knowledge and connections, they also have less resource expendability and less of an allowance for errors. Whether they succeed or fail, encore entrepreneurs are defying the cliché of the “retired senior” and maintaining themselves active by their own volition – a surefire expression of vitality and wanting to live life to the fullest.

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Aging is the only thing in life, besides death, that’s completely inevitable. The natural course of our bodies is to decay as we grow older – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of ourselves any less. In an effort to address the lack of representation of 50+ year-old women in the makeup and skincare industries, L’Oréal Paris launched the Age Perfect Cosmetics line. Specifically designed for women over 50, the line is formulated with ingredients like vitamins and minerals that help reduce sagging and pigmentation, among others. Alongside this product lineup, the brand collaborated with British Vogue to launch “The Non-Issue”, dedicated entirely to women over 50, including models and contributors, among which are Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda, successfully putting this demographic back in the spotlight.

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A growing market still in need of earnings or delaying retirement to earn some extra income. Hiring 50+ means hiring experience.

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Loneliness is something every person deals with at one point of their lives or another. The ways in which we can solve loneliness – finding people and making friends – grow exponentially scarce as we reach our golden years, even more if you’ve dedicated your life to work or family and haven’t had the privilege of harvesting lasting friendships along the way. Stitch is an online community founded with the aim of sparking companionship between people above the age of 50, be it romantic or platonic. Stitch positions itself as a “for members, by members” platform, in which the members actively enhance and contribute to the needs of the community – in this case, planning events, discussions, and meet-ups that take the community beyond the screen and into the real world. Thus, a blossoming society of seniors get to live the excitement of creating new, dynamic relationships that will continue to nourish their presence on Earth.

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The allure of traversing the winding, snow-covered mountain slopes is irresistible for skiers – and that doesn’t change as they age. SeniorsSkiing was founded by two 70-plus friends, Mike Maginn and Jon Weisberg, who don’t see a retirement age for their favourite hobby, and decided to create a community for like-minded seniors. The site provides information for snow enthusiasts over 50, including bargains and tips on equipment and technique, with members actively contributing content and organizing meetups. This vibrant community thrives in a sense of solidarity and in embracing the shortcomings of practicing this sport at an advanced age, stating that the goal isn’t to be quick or perfect but simply to enjoy skiing.

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Chip Conley is perhaps best known as the New York Times best-selling author of several books and as a hospitality entrepreneur, but lately he’s been dedicating his time to creating the Modern Elder Academy (MEA). Based in a resort house in Baja California Sur, Mexico, the academy is a retreat for those approaching middle age (40s-60s) who don’t believe in the so-called “midlife crisis”, and instead choose to reinvent themselves and harness the wisdom and potential they’ve accumulated over the years. Thus, MEA aims to congregate these individuals to create a community of “inspired and empowered midlifers” who can then become “modern elders”: those who provide wisdom but also continue to acquire and absorb knowledge.

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A horde of glamorous, grey-maned ladies dressed to the nines invades a restaurant, all of them crowned with red hats of the utmost extravagance, and donning all-purple attire. They are the Red Hat Society, and they’re here for lunch. The society is officially for women over 50 – though some in their 40s can also join as ‘pink hats’ – and was created as a dynamic and enjoyable “recess” from the daily lives of these women. Operating in several cities around the world and organized in chapters led by Queens, the Red Hat Society has been operative for over 20 years, providing an outlet for community and fun for women in their golden years, getting together for all kinds of activities together, sparking the youthful spirit of each member.

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The Internet as we know it only came to be in the early 1990’s, and it was a novelty – a lot of older people only adopted it in recent years. As a consequence, most of the content being produced online is targeted towards younger tastes and audiences, often alienating over-50s. High50 was founded as a response to these young-leaning trends on the Internet. The site, directed by Robert Campbell, is dedicated to curating the most relevant topics and articles for people over 50 years old, spanning areas like travel, health, relationships and work, among others. High50 is based on the premise that everyone who uses the Internet deserves content catered to them – no matter their age bracket.

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As the body ages, it’s difficult to maintain the vigor of one’s youth in many different areas – including sex. A lot of older men in particular suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence, which hinders their ability to get or maintain an erection for a long period of time. Sildenafil, also known commercially as Viagra, is a drug that can in turn rekindle the sexual livelihoods of these men – an indispensable part of life for many.

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In recent years, the “sugar dating” relationship dynamic has garnered mainstream attention. In a sugar relationship, one person (the sugar daddy or momma) is typically older and very wealthy, and is dedicated to pampering the other (the sugar baby), who is drastically younger and very attractive. In exchange, the sugar baby will serve as a companion, often for “arm candy” or other purposes. Seeking Arrangement is a website dedicated to establishing these kinds of relationships, allowing sugar daddies/mommas and sugar babies to browse and chat just like any dating app. The increase in popularity of these relationships may just be a consequence of people taking advantage of each other, or it could also be the result of genuine public interest in dating people older than themselves. Either way, the sugar lifestyle isn’t for everyone – but for those who partake in it, it’s a definite win-win scenario.

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Ageist is an online publication focused entirely on showcasing ways of living out your golden years beyond what the stereotypes have drilled into our brains. They believe that people actually hit their prime anytime beyond 40, empowering those who may be in a “midlife crisis” to look at their situation in a different, more empowering way. Where the traditional media paints a bleak picture for midlifers and elderly people, Ageist aims to establish new parameters for thinking about how 40+ people live out their lives. The website has dedicated sections to wellness, culture, style and even relationships, as well as having several podcasts, making it painfully clear that life doesn’t decline in middle age, rather, it’s the most bountiful period of it.

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Taking care of one’s health and fitness is primordial for enjoying life at its fullest – though once we reach our 50s, we tend to slack off and resign to a sedentary existence: after all, we’re used to thinking that we’re past our prime at that age. However, keeping a healthy dose of exercise in our daily routines even past 50 has noticeable benefits and can even extend life expectancy. UK-based blogger Chris Zaremba is a senior “fitness guru”, who embarked on a drastic bodily transformation at 50 and has maintained an exceptional exercise habit, even participating in bodybuilding competitions. His website, Fitness over 50, aims to provide tips, ideas and most importantly, inspiration to any seniors looking to improve their fitness – after all, nothing is more motivating than seeing that someone like you has achieved it: it means you can, too.

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Five0 is a marketing agency specializing in the 50+ demographic, or as the agency puts it, “Five0 Consumers” – the richest, fastest growing consumer segment on the planet, with over $2.5 trillion in yearly earnings and 10 thousand new members per day. However, this essential demographic feels like they’re ignored or negatively portrayed in advertising, opening the way for Five0 to provide tactful, engaging and creative marketing solutions for this particular demographic. As they put it on their website, “39 to 64 is the new 18 to 35”.

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A growing tribe, a growing market. Want to live your life at the top? You need a body, full of energy, to follow you after 50’s.

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