Behavioral Trends: 50s is the new 30s


50’s is the new 30’s


We have time and money, we didn’t know life started at 50! We are not a burden for anyone, and we have no obligations to others. We want to explore new experiences and solutions.


As advances in science and health come true every day, so our life expectancy and the quality of it. 50+ is a growing tribe.

50's is the new 30's - inegi projections (mexico)


A growing tribe, a growing market. Want to live your life at the top? You need a body, full of energy, to follow you after 50’s.

50's is the new 30's - gnc


A growing market still in need of earnings or delaying retirement to earn some extra income. Hiring 50+ means hiring experience.

50's is the new 30's - 50plus works


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