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70+ Uncertainty


We don’t want to buy into the stereotypical images of the elderly, however we understand the implications of growing old. Reaching retirement has been a major change in our lives with pros & cons, challenges, concerns and questions. If life expectancy has gone longer than ever, so should our quality of life.




As we age, our body more likely than not starts taking the toll of decades of lifestyle choices and activities. We will inevitably need special care, even if we’re extremely healthy in our youth. And what better way than receiving that care in the comfort and safety of our own homes? Eucalyptus is a Mexico City-based geriatrics center that offers at-home appointments in many different fields for the elderly, ranging from regular geriatrics to nutrition and sports medicine; in order to keep our golden-years citizens in the best of their capacities, and aging in a healthy way.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Eucalyptus


Talita is a day-house and residence for elderly patients with memory and cognition-related disabilities, particularly those with Alzheimer’s, located in Mexico City. The facility designs activities with specific purposes through the Talita method, such as helping with motor and thinking skills and fostering social relationships, all of which are executed with the patients’ dignity in mind, and the utmost attention and care the patients deserve. Patients can be dropped off and picked up daily, or they can stay overnight as residents. Either way, families can be assured that Talita is taking excellent care of their loved ones.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Talita


Shirley Curry is not your average octogenarian grandma. Since the mid-1990s, Curry has been an avid gamer. Her personal, private hobby soon became relevant to the public, as she was encouraged to start posting gameplay videos of her favorite video game of all-time – Skyrim – on YouTube. Her content, which was very stripped-back and not at all over-the-top, as well as her kindhearted personality, captivated audiences around the world who flocked to watch her videos. In a world dominated by young, irritable men, the presence of a kind, serene grandma was a definite contrast. The attention has even reached the developers of Skyrim, who have added her into the game’s sequel as a non-playable character. The beloved “Skyrim Grandma” has undoubtedly earned a place in the gaming community’s hearts.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Skyrim Grandma (article)


An elderly care residence in the city of Deventer in the eastern Netherlands introduced a revolutionary dynamic: six college students get to live rent-free in the residence alongside their elderly inhabitants, in exchange for being “good neighbours” to them. The model has been successful in its economic impact to the students as well as in its emotional impact, to the students and residents alike. They describe their relationship as easy-going, meaningful and eye-opening, with the elderly residents going so far to describing it as similar to the ones they have with their offspring.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Humanitas Living Students


In China Fashion Week 2016, a shirtless, fit male model graced the runway: none other than 80-year-old Wang Deshun, an actor and artist who has now found fame as a model. Sporting a toned body that barely shows his age, Wang is committed to his physique, hitting the gym daily for up to three hours at a time. And although his health is very much a priority for him now, Wang wasn’t always healthy. He only started working out at 49, and used to be a heavy smoker; but his efforts to improve his lifestyle has opened many opportunities for him in a country where elderly people are often infantilised. His eternally youthful demeanour shines through on the runway, as he trailblazer a revolution in what it means to be old in China today.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Wang Deshun (article)


The National Senior Games, or “Senior Olympics” as they’re affectionally called, are a yearly sports competition held in the United States since 1987 with exclusively elderly participants. Their vision: to promote healthy lifestyles for adults through education, fitness and sport. Here, the most dedicated elders can prove their skills and earn medals for their performance, in a thrilling, inclusive and encouraging environment. The latest edition was held in 2019, and the next will happen in November 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

70 Plus Uncertainty - National Senior Games Association


CNA, one of Brazil’s leading English language academies, launched the Speaking Exchange program in 2014, which brought together its Brazilian students seeking to improve their oral English skills with American seniors who just wanted someone to talk to. The mutually beneficial and often endearing conversations were also captured in video in order to be used in future lessons by instructors. The students got to talk to a native speaker, and the seniors got to made a younger friend in the process.

70 Plus Uncertainty - CNA Speaking Exchange Campaign (article)


In 2012, Australian photographer Zoe Spawton created the Tumblr blog “What Ali Wore” to document the eye-catching outfits of the octogenarian Ali, a Turkish-German tailor who always dressed to impress. His impeccable attire stood out among the often bleak Berlin cityscape, so she decided to consistently document him over the next few years. The project may be over, but it lives on in its original format, inspiring a younger generation to always look their best.

70 Plus Uncertainty - What Ali Wore


85-year-old grandfather Tetsuya Kudo led a quiet life in Akita Prefecture in Japan. His grandson visited him over the holidays and, without much to do around his rural town, decided to dress up his grandpa in some of his fashion-savvy outfits, take some pictures around town, and upload them to Instagram. What seemed like an experiment to pass the time quickly became a life-changing experience for both grandson and grandpa, who now goes by the nickname “Silver Tetsuya” and has over 100 thousand followers. His impeccable elegance, poise and wisdom shine through the irreverent clothes, and explain why his fame has reached such stratospheric heights. Kudo is living life at the fullest at 85, all thanks to fashion.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Tetsuya Kudo, Instagram Grandpa (article)


Oma’s Pop Up is an initiative founded in the Netherlands whose purpose is to preserve elderly people’s cooking, which as we all know is excellent and must be treasured, and to connect them with other people. The seniors cook alongside a professional chef, which lends iterations of the project to become a mixture of both homely and haute cuisine. The meals are then served to large groups of people, including the seniors themselves, which further connects them and brings them moments of unapologetic joy, all the while bonding over delicious food.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Oma’s Pop Up


Actress Jane Fonda has had a remarkable career in Hollywood. The daughter of actor Henry Fonda, she had guaranteed success from birth – but the way she has maintained a steady career spanning from the Golden Era of Hollywood to our current streaming age is truly impressive. Besides acting, Fonda has been a steadfast activist ever since her youth, and continues being outspoken about the causes she cares about. Now 82, Fonda truly shows no signs of slowing down.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Jane Fonda


The physical trainer and bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd continues to work out avidly and help others do the same at her astounding 84 years of age. Her youthful features and toned body might confuse a stranger’s first perception of her, and for good reason. The elderly trainer sports lithe muscles and a wrinkle-less face, the result of her relentless dedication to her physical health. She now serves as an inspiration for people of all ages – showing that anything really is possible with the right mindset.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Ernestine Shepherd (article)


Formerly China-based Irish photographer Gráinne Quinlan documents the intriguing poses of elderly Tai Chi enthusiasts in Hong Kong in her photo-series “White Crane Spread Wings”. Rather than capture the intricacies of Tai Chi itself, Quinlan says, she sought to grab ahold of the essential personalities of each senior, which were reflected in their choice of attire and to some degree, their posture as well. The photos have a surreal sheen to them, and it definitely shows a side to elderly life that is often hidden or overlooked.

70 Plus Uncertainty - White Crane Spread Wings Photo Series (article)


The UK-based Campaign to End Loneliness launched a video campaign titled “Be More Us”, in which young children approached lonely elderly people in coffee shops and struck up a conversation. The kids’ wonder and excitement was warmly received by the seniors, who enjoyed the interactions, played with the kids and posed the question, “Remember when making friends was child’s play?” Campaign to End Loneliness seeks to connect elderly people to younger people, and foster the friendships that might emerge from those connections, making old age more enjoyable and joyous.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Campaign to End Loneliness


Superstar Carmen Dell’Orefice has been gracing magazine covers since the 1940s – and she’s still going strong at an unbelievable 89 years old. Having been on the cover of Vogue numerous times and being the muse for renowned photographers like Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton and Norman Parkinson, her career is rivalled by very few in the industry, spanning a breadth of eras of fashion and continuing to do so with ease. She is the manifestation of “grey power”, and it’s inspiring to witness.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Carmen Dell’Orefice (article)


For over 40 years, British sculptor Phyllida Barlow was unaware of the existence of the international art world. She taught some of the UK’s greatest contemporary artists while quietly accumulating decades of work, barely noticed. Then, suddenly, at the cusp of her 70s, the art world took notice, and her career took an extremely quick acceleration. Barlow represented Great Britain at the world’s most important art event, the Venice Biennale, in 2017; and has shown in some of the most impressive venues around the world. Her work is monumental in scale, and is characterised by a sense of messiness and apparent incompletion, which is inspired by construction sites, the industrial and the everyday. Phyllida Barlow continues to create in her golden years, with a renewed drive to bring new ideas and experiences to the world.

70 Plus Uncertainty - Phyllida Barlow


David Deutchman is a retired marketing executive who has been working at the ICU in the Atlanta Children’s Hospital (USA) for 12 years, doing a single job: holding and comforting babies whose parents can’t take care of due to distance or having other children. His care helps babies grow stronger, put on weight faster and overall, have a sense of comfort. What does Deutchman get out of this? The sheer satisfaction of giving love.

70+ uncertainty - grandpa caring

ABC News (


By 2050, the life-expectancy average is expected to be 83 years in the developed countries, while 80 in Latin America. Average, that is, at least half of the people’s expectancy will be higher than that. Impressive!

70+ uncertainty - united nations



In the image, the life-expectancy test from our partner Ivan Babic. He drinks alcohol, smokes, eats unhealthily and doesn’t exercise (just for experimental purposes), and his expectancy is, incredibly, 80 years (actually, his life-expectancy is lower than his peers!). That is a huge tool for those selling you retirement plans, like Abaris, as you’ll need one for sure.

70+ uncertainty - Life Expectancy Calculator


Paro, the cuddly robot in the shape of a seal, is becoming increasingly popular since its release some years ago. As the number of people with the diseases of Senile Dementia and Alzheimer rapidly increase, so is the need for suitable solutions. Is the dark side of getting too old.

70+ uncertainty - paro


We often tend to generalize the seniors in our society. But to break this stigmatized image and reduce the social barriers between different generations Yoni Lefevre developed a way to start a dialogue between young and old. Grey Power uses children drawings to visualize a nuanced image of the elderly in society. This positive and colored image become even more stronger by creating costumes based on the children drawings. These are then photographed with real seniors, so the generations literally step into each other’s world.

70+ uncertainty - yoni lefevre


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