Behavioral Trends: A Life in the Cloud


A Life in the Cloud


All our data is compiled in an ubiquitous space where is automatically backed up and synced, and for us to keep private or share. It is portable and accessible to us 24/7/365 from any of our devices, wherever and whenever we need it.


We used to buy vinyl records (LPs), then cassettes (tapes), then CDs, and we all had a music collection. Then we started converting our CDs into MP3 files. Then Napster came and we all started sharing with others through the internet. Then we were able to buy not the full disk, but only the MP3 of the song we liked through Apple iTunes. And then, one day, Spotify came and we didn’t buy a record, an album nor even a song ever again. All your music on the cloud, available from every single device connected to internet.

A Life in the Cloud - Spotify


Evernote, all your notes, reminders, and everything you want to remember, available from everywhere, every time. An extension of your memory in the cloud.

A Life in the Cloud - Evernote


All your files, personal and professional documents, in the cloud. Accessible from every device, shareable, downloadable… It can even be edited by several people at the same time, making it a very powerful collaborative tool for team work.

A Life in the Cloud - Google Drive


Click here to navigate our list of Behavioral Trends for value creation, full of insights and needstates, written from a post-demographic human-centered perspective by our partner Andrea Lobo.


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