Behavioral Trends: Augmented Humanity

Augmented Humanity


Being limited by biology and genetics is old fashion. Physical and mental deterioration are not for us. We deserve a better quality of life. Emerging technologies are giving us the possibility of progress and improvement of our limited human condition. We want to perform better and feel limitless.


Chris Dancy calls himself “the most connected human on Earth,” because he keeps track of everything in his life. As simple as that may sound, it actually involves between 300 and 700 sensors, over USD $40k in equipment, and a lot of discipline. Through a myriad pieces of technology, Dancy is able to maintain an astounding record of his entire life. This project started in 2009, and in five years he lost over 120 lbs (55 kg) from simply tracking his habits and adjusting them. A single person’s memory could never keep up with all this data, which is why Dancy relies on technology as the extension of his body and mind. A “mindful cyborg” (his own words), indeed.

Augmented Humanity - Chris Dancy


A common task like eating can often be difficult for people with limited hand and arm mobility, or hand tremors. Liftware’s Level Spoon is a self-leveling spoon, which detects movement and annuls it, keeping the spoon and its contents from shaking and spilling; being of significant aid to people with the previously mentioned conditions, by allowing them to retain their dignity, confidence and independence while feeding themselves.


Poweriser Jumping Stilts are a hybrid somewhere between a pogo stick and a conventional stilt. They add height to their users, and allow them to travel greater distances as well as higher jumping heights. Of course, they can injure its users, but every thrill has its risks. A fun way to perform better and feel limitless.

augmented humanity - poweriser jumping stilts



A revolutionary audio system, the future of headphones, that includes: SOCIAL listening, share with others; FADE, ambient noise control (up or down); AMPLIFY, work as speakers when together; SPEAK, real time auto translation; ACTIVE, body functions monitoring while exercising; SLEEP, sleep monitoring, REM state, full report, and natural alarm.

augmented humanity - sound by human


Run faster than ever, the longest distances you may have dreamed of.

augmented humanity - bionic boot


Proteus Discover consists of an ingestible sensor the size of a grain of sand, a small wearable sensor patch, an application on a mobile device and a provider portal. The patient activates Proteus Discover by taking medication with an ingestible sensor. Once the ingestible sensor reaches the stomach, it transmits a signal to the patch worn on the torso. A digital record is sent to the patient’s mobile device and then to the Proteus cloud where with the patient’s permission, healthcare providers and caregivers can access it via their portal. The patch also measures and shares patient activity and rest. It is a new kind of technological gadget, the insideables (the evolution of wearables).

augmented humanity - proteus discover


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