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We see extraordinary people everywhere. Geniuses, each one in the dominion of their own talents. The monopoly of single intelligence is crumbling down. We accept there are other kinds of intelligence, so synergy, collaboration and complementarity are desirable nowadays.




Faethm is an AI platform capable of predicting the impact of typically unpredictable and dynamic situations on the current and future workforce, including AI, robotics, and most recently, COVID-19. The AI engine used by Faethm analyzes billions of data points to develop its predictions, enabling analytics which can help change the perspective around jobs, suggesting the changes most effective for the job at hand. Faethm is reshaping the human experience at work and has been used by companies around the world for assessments in strategy and transformation, in order to plan accordingly for changes in the future and how they may impact the workforce.

Beyond IQ - Faethm AI


A flipped classroom is a model of education that inverts the typical learning cycle. Whereas traditional learning expects a large group of students to acquire the same knowledge during the same period in the confines of the classroom, the flipped classroom lets students gain the necessary knowledge before the class period, and then use the class time to discuss and expand on the information with their teacher and fellow students. This model keeps students at the center of the learning process, and relegates teachers to a position of guide or mentor. Some of the results of the flipped classroom model are more active student participation, deeper knowledge acquisition and higher levels of interaction, feedback and community building.

Beyond IQ - Flipped Classroom (article)


Dr. Claudia Riecken, alongside a team of 28 psychologists, statists, teachers, linguists and information engineers, developed the Quantum Method (Método Quantum). This method assists companies, organisations, therapists, and more in furthering understanding of people’s behavioural tendencies; which in turn enables and empowers the existing human capital in organisations and companies. People need to be understood beyond their intellectual capacities in order to reach their full potential, and the Quantum Method works towards achieving this goal; relocating people to best suit their natural capabilities and generating positive consciousness. The motto “ideal people for the ideal place” reflects this, aiming to find people’s vocation to improve the quality of their work.

Beyond IQ - Metodo Quantum


Traditional education places an intensive focus on grades as the best and only way to measure students’ performance and knowledge acquisition. This focus has led to a sharp divide in opportunities for students with lower grades, regardless if they were caused by home issues, emotional and mental health, or cognitive difficulties; and it forces students who may not be motivated to exert themselves when they’re not fit for it. Teachers Going Gradeless is an international group of teachers who have adopted the radical position of forgoing grading altogether. They claim that going gradeless unleashes students’ intrinsic motivation. By not restricting the boundaries of knowledge with coercive grades, students develop innate desire to understand and learn without the fear of making mistakes. The teachers claim that when grades are removed, “we may find we have to fill the gap with something else.“ In the end, students’ capabilities go beyond a simple number.

Beyond IQ - Teachers Going Gradeless


Skills Agility Lab offers diverse and extensive online courses and workshops for people across Spanish-speaking countries. From free, two-session-long webinars to full-fledged courses with dozens of sessions, Skills Agility Lab gives the opportunity to a huge audience to expand their skillset, both technical and practical, under their own rhythm and schedule, in order to optimise their workplace transformation, claiming that “the future of work and education is today”.

Beyond IQ - Skills Agility Lab


École 42 is an innovative engineering college based in France with 29 campuses around the world, more recently expanding to the San Francisco Bay Area in the US. The college operates in an unorthodox manner, offering education based on the peer-to-peer learning model for free – that is, no fees and no teachers. École 42 specialises in software engineering, coding, and programming, aiming to make these areas less intimidating and exclusive, claiming tech is not just for nerds.

Beyond IQ - École 42


Music education is often associated with the rigid, constrictive environment of a conservatory or music academy. The emphasis on theory and notation can turn away many students who rightfully believe music can be inaccessible. In 2011, avant-garde musician Björk Guðmundsdóttir released her nature-focused album “Biophilia” in an unorthodox manner: as the traditional CD, vinyl and digital formats, but also as an iPad app, in which users can rearrange instruments and intuitively learn about composition. The app was launched alongside the Biophilia Educational Project, which was developed by Björk, the City of Reykjavík and the University of Iceland, and aims to inspire children to explore their creativity through music and science. It consists of a large-scale pilot project, incorporating academics, scientists, artists, teachers and students at all academic levels, and focuses around creativity as a teaching and research tool, intersecting music, technology and natural sciences. This way, students not only learn about the world around them but also participate in an innovative approach towards music education, removing barriers to interdisciplinary knowledge.

Beyond IQ - Biophilia Educational Project


Academic and technical skills, also known as “hard” skills, are often sought after by employers of all kinds. These are the kind of skills for which people spend years specialising themselves, and often have to deal with intelligence. However, soft skills, their equally important counterpart are often overlooked. These are a combination of interpersonal, communicational, social, and emotional traits inherent to each person that enable the navigation of their work environment, their performance, and the achievement of goals with their complementing hard skills.

Beyond IQ - Soft Skills (article)


Learning is not inherently universal. Each person has changing needs and ways to acquire knowledge. For more specific goals, people may enlist the assistance of a coach, whose goal is to support the learner or client by providing training and guidance for that particular goal. Sometimes it can also refer to a relationship with a difference in expertise, in which the most experienced provides advice and mentoring to the other. Coaching brings people closer to their particular goals, and allows for different outlooks into a particular situation, contradicting the “one size fits all” approach of traditional education.

Beyond IQ - Coaching (article)


Acton Academy is an innovative international institution that incorporates a Socratic method of education into the core of their work. Having groups of students sitting in rows, expected to listen in silence and acquire knowledge perfectly – those techniques were developed in the 19th century during the advent of the Industrial Revolution. Times have changed – isn’t it time we developed learning solutions for the 21st century? What if children are more capable than we’ve ever imagined? Instead of having teachers, with a huge gap in age and capacities, teach them statically, what if children shared learning with each other? The Acton Academy bases its model on these principles, while also setting extremely high standards of excellence. They seek to create a learning-driven community, where each individual deserves to find a calling that could change the world.

Beyond IQ - Acton Academy


Shaping the Future of Work is a collaboration hub that aims to assign value in the perspectives of young people on the future of work, in order to generate evidence-based conversations around the topic. Operating in all continents in the world except Antarctica, they work towards identifying a roadmap for each region on how the future of work will evolve, followed by an action plan. They offer community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for volunteers in order to further involvement; going beyond intellect and stepping into the field of social engagement as a place in which to find value.

Beyond IQ - Shaping The Future Of Work


By now ubiquitous in most tech-enabled classrooms around the world, the popular website Kahoot! was founded in Norway in 2012, as a collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The company was built with the classroom as a focus, aiming to bring game dynamics and accessibility into the learning experience. The quiz-based game has expanded beyond the classroom setting, however, becoming a pop culture phenomenon in its own right and reaching audiences of over 4 billion players since its launch across all countries in the world. Kahoot! has proven that acquiring knowledge can be fun and engaging without being any less effective.

Beyond IQ - Kahoot


Kim White worked as an educator in the Brookfield Zoo for over 20 years, holding a university-level Master Naturalist certificate. The Natural Naturalist is born out of a desire to continue educating the next generations about nature and the world they live in, offering courses covering everything from botany, monarch butterflies, and predator-prey relationships to birds’ engineering abilities, seasonal changes and bats’ habitats. This focus on naturalist intelligence is more necessary now than ever, when children are increasingly less aware of the fragility and beauty of the natural world.

Beyond IQ - The Natural Naturalist


The renowned Montessori Method has been adopted in schools worldwide as an approach that provides children with enduring intellectual capabilities, which are brought to fruition through a framework of social and emotional learning. The Montessori Method is characterised by their unorthodox learning environments, which are designed to fit the needs in each stage of development. By placing a focus on both the academic, knowledge-building aspects and creative-emotional aspects of education, Montessori develops the entirety of the child. Learning is not a vertical experience, but rather focuses on the independence of the child to tend to their particular needs.

Beyond IQ - Montessori Method


16personalities is an online personality test and resource that provides insights into the sixteen Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types. After answering a simple questionnaire, users are provided with their personality type and extremely detailed insights about who they are and why they do things the way they do. An initiative by NERIS Analytics Limited, the 16personalities website allows a deep-dive into their personality and capabilities, which is powered by the latest advances in psychometric research. A brain’s internal workings are greatly influenced by the framework of personality and its intricacies, and tools like 16personalities allow greater degree of understanding.

Beyond IQ - 16Personalities


Domestika is the largest hub for creative professionals, not only offering its renowned courses on everything from illustration and photography to business and typography, but also allowing creatives to share their projects, participate in forums, connect with other creatives, and even find employment. However, many people still deem their courses as industry-leading, covering absolutely every aspect of the creative fields, making Domestika a serious rival to conventional creative schools and universities and fostering a new, fully online method of education.

Beyond IQ - Domestika


Our brain muscles can become unused, too – Lumosity helps you prevent that. Lumosity is an app that provides daily exercise for the mind, in the form of games that change constantly to keep users challenged, ranging from memory to attention to flexibility training. The app also tracks the progress in order to let users maintain their brain training habits and see potential areas for improvement, letting users tailor their training – after all, no two brains are the same.

Beyond IQ - Lumosity


Odyssey of the Mind is an international program which provides problem-solving skills to students, which will be critical for their college experience. The program places a crucial focus on creativity. Thousands of teams, 5-7 members each, from the US and 25 other countries choose a challenging problem and find a way to solve it, on their own, in the most creative and hilarious ways, incorporating artistic, architectural, performative and engineering elements in their proposals. Participants claim that the program has allowed them to think out of the box and give free rein to their imagination, while also building teamwork. The Odyssey of the Mind also gives out awards to the best, most creative proposals, giving students an incentive to pour everything into their projects. The unique mix of elements has proven to foster independent learning in unusual conditions while also stimulating students’ multiple intelligences at once.

Beyond IQ - Odyssey of the Mind


The theory of multiple intelligences differentiates intelligence into specific ‘modalities’, rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability. Howard Gardner proposed this model in his 1983 book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner proposed eight abilities that he held to meet these criteria: musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. He later suggested that existential and moral intelligence may also be worthy of inclusion.

beyond iq - howard gardner multiple intelligences



The Waldorf School of the Peninsula, in California, is one of the educational centers that concentrates more children of technology leaders from Silicon Valley, with a pedagogy that commits to experimentation in the real world, a return to paper and pencil and an emphasis on fostering creativity, curiosity and innate artistic abilities in the little ones.

beyond iq - Waldorf School of the Peninsula


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