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Busy Parenthood


We wonder if we are spending the right amount of time with our children, we feel guilty and try to compensate our absence. We are always busy. We are looking to have it all: financial well-being, ideal work situation and a perfect family.




The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a series of remarkable, society-altering shifts and changes. Certainly one of the most far-reaching measures has been self-quarantining and social distancing, which has led to schools being shut down worldwide, affecting an incredible 87% of learners around the globe. Adding work from home to the equation leads to parents and kids coexisting together 24 hours a day. Parents are feeling overwhelmed and are struggling with the situation, but they’re trying to make it work. Setting at-home schedules in lieu of schooldays provides the entire family with a sense of normalcy and structure, and doing shared, quality time activities together can diminish anxiety and stress. Quarantine parenting is a challenge, but certainly will result in the development of new parenting strategies.

Busy Parenthood - Quarantine Parenting (article)


What is parenting, if not one of the most tasking, complicated jobs a person can ever take on? Structure and order are key to being a successful parent. WeParent is an app that helps parents, particularly divorced or separated co-parents, manage and schedule every aspect of their parenting, from custody schedules to events, to even keeping a shared gallery of photos and important documents. Certainly a pillar for parents and especially co-parents’ stability and peace of mind.

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Many parents are out of the loop when it comes to social media, especially those oriented towards teens. ConnectSafely is a resource that informs parents about the pros and cons of several platforms, so that they can choose whether or not their teenager should use it. They also cover other topics of interest, such as cyberbullying, privacy and security, efficiently providing an accessible, parent-focused set of articles and reports on the everchanging Internet landscape.

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While others may see it as a cheating tool, Photomath allows parents who aren’t too fond of math tutoring to sit back and let the app do the heavy lifting. Photomath scans a problem and immediately provides the answer, but also shows the steps toward the solution, making helping with your kids’ math homework a breeze – while ensuring they learn the procedures and logic behind the correct answers.

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Amazon has released a tailor-made version for kids of their popular Echo Dot device, which features their famous AI assistant Alexa. When parents are too busy, this special edition of the device can step in and lend a convenient helping hand to answer the kids’ burning questions stemming from their budding curiosity. It can also play children-friendly music, read out loud from a selection of audiobooks and stories, and let kids know when it’s bedtime or time to eat. Parents have great control over the functionality of the device, being able to set downtime periods (such as when it’s time to go to sleep) and check in with the kids by using the device as an intercom. Who said AI can’t be a good nanny?

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As is common knowledge, the World Wide Web is the largest resource for information in the world. As much as there can be useful, positive information and interactions, there can also be toxic and inappropriate content for children to consume. The noted online security firm Kaspersky has developed an app that allows parents to monitor their kids’ browsing habits while offering protection to their home network. Parents can choose which websites are cleared for their children’s browsing, and are alerted if the kids are exposed to unwanted content. The app allows an indefinite amount of devices to be covered, providing effective safety and sufficient parental control.

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Do you, as a parent, need some resources to freshen up your parenting skills? Who better than Becky Manfield, a mother of four, who previously taught second grade, before becoming a certified child development therapist, to provide it for you? This blog covers a wide variety of topics relating to her (and many parents’) experience, including tips, tricks, recipes, and activities for the whole family. While certainly not a guide or rulebook, Manfield’s website provides an insightful, high-quality selection of content for busy (and/or struggling) parents.

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Most parenting blogs are, overwhelmingly, written by and for mothers. However, with shifting cultural and gender norms, the existence of a resource for fathers has become necessary. Fatherly is, as the name suggests, a parenting blog and resource specifically oriented towards fathers and their experiences, interests and concerns; and its aim is to help men from all walks of life become the best dads they can be. Its content is truly refreshing, and despite being male-centered, it never loses its wholesomeness or its focus on family.

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Since the baby boomers generation, the TV set was part of the family, like a nanny to entertain kids. That trend kept growing and since the popularization of the internet, the audiovisual platforms, and the smartphones/tablets industry, new needs became crucial. One of them is the possibility to censor and filter the results and contents that kids will have access to. Youtube Kids is an app that handles specifically that issue: how to limit what my kids can see while I’m not watching behind their shoulder.

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It’s comforting when big technology companies recognize the fact that kids need to be supervised and help parents in that task. Kiddle, promises to keep kids safe in their internet searching. Powered by Google Safe Search, of course they can’t shield kids from everything, but at least they try. Once children get past the thrill of typing in naughty words (specially when they start using internet on their own), they’ll actually look up subjects that interest them. And when they do, Kiddle’s got their back.

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Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. They tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Their math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. It is the kind of website you may want your kids to navigate a lot and entertain with.

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Affordable laundry services save parents valuable hours, which can be spent with their children, studying further and reading together. Libromat creates a community of learning, a paradigm shift in parental education, an amazing way to facilitate learning through laundry. Supportive book-sharing is about having a stimulating, rich and rewarding interaction between an adult and a child over a picture-book. Children’s (and parents) enhance their linguistic development, ability to sustain their attention, concept development and social understanding.

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