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We believe in environmental, economic and social growth and balance. We feel better persons when we help others and contribute. Sustainable development is our forward-thinking mindset and lifestyle, and it is here to stay.


Canadian financial technology company Mogo has created a pre-paid debit card which they claim is carbon-neutral. Named MogoSpend, the card helps the user limit their annual spending. The company promises to offset one pound of CO2 for every dollar spent with the card, making the eco-conscious consumer feel like their spending habits are helping the rest of the planet. The card also provides several innovative benefits, like unlimited cashback and $0 monthly interest, among others.

Eco-Sustainability - MogoSpend


d2w is a chemical engineered by Symphony Environmental that can be added in polymers to quickly accelerate their oxo-biodegradation process, claiming to leaving nothing behind after the process is complete. d2w allows the plastics to retain their original properties, and it can be produced at any polymer production facility, making it nearly universally applicable. The Bimbo Group uses d2w in their most recent packaging, taking a crucial step towards eco-sustainability.

Eco-Sustainability - d2w Packaging


In order to control their notorious pollution as well as accommodate its rising population, China is seeking to build a completely sustainable “forest-city” in the north of Liuzhou. They aim to house 30 thousand people and harbor 40 thousand trees and 1 million plants of more than 100 species, which will work like a large sustainable machine in that it will be able to absorb about 10 thousand tons of carbon dioxide and 57 tons of micro-particles every year, producing about 900 tons of life-giving oxygen at the same time. The brain behind the plan is an Italian architect, Stefano Boeri, and his firm who are famous for their vertical forest designs all over the world.

Eco-Sustainability - Liuzhou Forest City (article)


A Guadalajara-based startup founded in 2012, Foodlab’s Yummyshots are a line of edible shot glasses. They have a range of different fruit flavors, which offer an extra surprise factor at any social gathering and help reduce waste. Foodlab aims to create innovative, eco-sustainable products that also elevate the customer’s experience.

eco-sustainability - yummy shots


Google is by far the current leader in the search/information industry, so you may say no one can really compete with them. And that’s right, if you try to compete technologically there’s nothing you can do. But you may transfer your value equation to other places, such as the eco sensibility of users. Ecosia does exactly that: is a search engine with a beautiful promise: with every search you do on Ecosia you’re helping them plant trees and reforest.

eco-sustainability - ecosia


The Cadbury House gym in Congresbury, Somerset is the first in the world to harness the energy of its users to generate electricity.

eco-sustainability - cadbury house gym


France is the 1st country to push legally towards a zero-waste economy, forcing producers and distributors to stop throwing away food in their extraction / production / sales value chain. In a global economy estimated to throw away more than 30% of the food produced (and in some industries more than 70%), these bad practices have to be stopped immediately.

eco-sustainability - france zero waste


Most plastic beer six‐pack rings end up in our oceans and pose a serious threat to wildlife. Together with WeBelievers, Saltwater Brewery ideated, designed, tested and prototyped the first ever Edible Six Pack Rings. A six‐pack packaging, made with byproducts of the beer making process, that instead of killing animals, feeds them. They are also 100% biodegradable and compostable. Saltwater Brewery is proud to support CCA Florida, Surfrider Foundation, The Ocean Foundation, MOTE Marine Laboratory & Aquarium and Billfish Foundation through charity benefits held in their Tasting Room, beer and merchandise donations, beach cleanups, and other community involvement.

eco-sustainability - saltwater brewery


Ten Thousand Villages is more than a store. It’s a place where you can explore and connect with your global village. From communities throughout the developing world, every inspired design is crafted with love using local materials (usually natural or recycled) and time-honored skills by makers they have known and worked with for years. Every purchase improves the lives of makers by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income. They offer a way for you to become part of the story, to shop your values and give gifts with meaning. Because this is bigger than us.

eco-sustainability - TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES


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