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We have restless minds that get bored easily. We pursuit never-ending gratification. Options for entertainment have multiplied. You have seconds to capture our attention or be skipped. Give us something worth seeing and sharing. Improve our moments!




The COVID-19 pandemic has twisted and upended the entertainment industry at large, with events of all kinds being cancelled or postponed indefinitely around the world. Mexican platform Goliiive, which is dedicated to the promotion of live experiences as well as providing management tools for organizers, has adapted to the apparently adverse situation by continuing to offer a space for the promotion of (increasingly common) online events, which has become crucial amidst the lack of conventional promotion possibilities. Especially while in lockdown, people need to be entertained, even if it’s only through their screens.

Entertain-Me - Goliiive


Many illegal immigrants to the United States enter the country without knowing their basic rights in the country – and often, they have no means to educate themselves about them, whether it be the language barrier or simply not even knowing about their existence. Agency Grey Wing created a campaign in collaboration with The Southern Poverty Law Center and with the Latin Grammy-winning band, Flor de Toloache, which consisted of immigration laws and protections being translated into everyday Spanish and subsequently incorporated as lyrics to corridos, folk songs about lamentations and hardship. Those songs were then broadcast across radio stations across the southern border of the U.S., with the aim of informing those that are most at risk about the information that could save them. This campaign won a prize at the 2019 Cannes Lions Creativity Festival, and has proven to be impactful across its target communities.

Entertain-Me - Immigrant Songs


“Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, the latest instalment in Nintendo’s life-simulation video game series, launched in March of 2020. The timing couldn’t have been more appropriate. Millions of people around the world were confined to their homes as part of prevention measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, and the availability of a game that transported them out of the house was incredibly alluring. Not only did the game allow for the creation of a fully customisable world, but its multiplayer capabilities also allowed people to engage with others at a time when they were starved for social interaction, with people holding all kinds of social events in-game, including weddings, graduations and even funerals. That way, the game became a platform for comfort and social connection in a time of isolation and struggle, helping it become one of the best-selling games of the year.

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The streaming giant Netflix, in stark contrast to many other entertainment services, has not only been able to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic, but has actually benefitted from it. New subscriber numbers have soared in the first three months of the year, with nearly 16 million people signing up for the service. As the world population becomes suddenly homebound, Netflix and other streaming services face unbridled growth, providing extremely varied entertainment options to their global audience.

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American rock band The Flaming Lips offered an unique performance amid lockdown on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The ensemble performed their 1999 hit song “Race for the Prize” with each member encapsulated in giant plastic bubbles and wearing protective masks and gloves, to a reduced audience – also inside bubbles. The song choice was also quite poignant, as the lyrics speak of the search for a cure of humankind. This performance offered quality entertainment paired with a heightened sense of relevance and conscience of current events.

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The early phases of the COVID-19 outbreak had people scrambling to find ways to entertain themselves, exhausting their options – from going through Netflix to becoming bakers. Particularly when self-isolated with others, people took a more old-fashioned approach, by connecting over a board game. Not only were they enthralling ways to pass the time, they fostered social interactions while doing so. This predilection for board games fuelled a significant increase in sales for board games, card games and puzzles across the United States.

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the live shows sector of the music industry came to a standstill, with many seeking online alternatives. One such alternative came in the form of the popular sandbox game, Minecraft, through massive online concerts which anyone could attend. Some of these were organized by Open Pit, an online events company, in an effort to raise funds for COVID-19 relief organizations. Some of their most successful events include Nether Meant (headlined by the emo band American Football), Square Garden, and Fire Festival.

Entertain-Me - Open Pit Minecraft Music Festivals (article)


The now-ubiquitous, Gen Z-dominated short video app is an eternal source of entertainment. Users can record short videos of up to 1 minute in length, which can be made up of multiple clips and can be customized with hundreds of effects. One of the main draws of the app is the possibility of reusing any video’s audio, which has originated endless challenges involving anything from dancing to cooking. As of 2020, brands and publications have started to consider TikTok as a major platform for attracting younger audiences, with some notable examples being The Washington Post, ESPN, Chipotle and Calvin Klein. However, the app’s content is still primarily for and by teens–which can definitely detract more mature audiences.

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In 2015, a group of researchers at Telefonica developed an app that sought to establish boredom levels in phone users in order to predict and detect behaviour patterns related to boredom itself. They followed up the app with another one that seemed to accurately infer users’ boredom, and promptly recommended a BuzzFeed article to soothe it. This research was presented at the UbiComp conference in Japan that same year, and it could provide a key to unravelling new forms of entertainment.

Entertain-Me - (article)


El Pulso de la República, roughly meaning “The Country’s Heartbeat”, is Mexican entertainer Chumel Torres’ wildly successful YouTube channel. Through skits, costumes, characters, and interviews, Torres covers relevant news and topics in Mexico and elsewhere with a creative and hilarious twist. This content, which could certainly be described as infotainment, has earned the channel over 2 million subscribers, proving that people value having a good laugh at the same time as taking in their daily news dosage.

Entertain-Me - El Pulso de la República


This independent card game was one of the first wildly successful projects to emerge from the crowdfunding site Kickstarter in 2011, raising nearly 400% of their goal. The game involves two decks: a deck of black cards containing incomplete statements or questions, and a deck of white cards that contain possible answers, which are offensive, absurd or politically incorrect. The goal, as stated by the developers, is simply to have fun, and to see what’s the most bizarre or outlandish sentence that could emerge from the game.

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The VOID, which stands for “Vision of Infinite Dimensions”, is a virtual reality park that incorporates VR headsets, motion tracking and haptic feedback into creating immersive experiences for visitors. The VOID has partnered with major entertainment companies like Disney and Sony Pictures to create specific tie-in experiences around their films, including Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Avengers, Jumanji and more, allowing visitors to literally feel like they’re part of the action. The VOID currently has locations across 4 countries in America and Asia, with plans to expand to 7 European countries in the future, bringing a radical new form of entertainment to a wider audience.

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Who hasn’t heard of Cirque du Soleil? What began as an unusual circus show in Montréal in the 80s has become a grandiose, multifaceted spectacle of international proportions. The contemporary circus company has crafted 19 different shows that step away from the use of live animals and other gimmicks of traditional circus, rather, relying on the power of the performers and overarching conceptual themes. These elements have not only brought them immense success, but also have helped to shift the concept of what circus “really is” in the 21st century, bringing an entirely new side of a nearly forgotten form of entertainment and art to the foreground.

Entertain-Me - Cirque du Soleil


Vox, an online publication, teamed up with Netflix to create the hit series “Explained”, which seeks to, well, explain a series of relevant topics in a way that perfectly combines education and entertainment. The range of topics in the series is extremely eclectic, covering everything from monogamy and the female orgasm, to K-pop and the racial wealth gap. Episodes feature experts and relevant figures that provide insightful contributions to the explanations, and the style in which they’re presented aims to be light-hearted, relatable, and often comedic. This balanced edutainment is a formidable way to broaden many peoples’ perspectives and perceptions on often taboo or lesser-discussed situations.

Entertain-Me - Explained by Netflix


The city of Las Vegas is renowned worldwide as a destination for entertainment in and of itself. The so-called Sin City is packed with casinos, hotels, and nightclubs – none of them exactly the same, but an atmosphere of exuberance is present in all of them. The allure of unbridled entertainment that the city promises is enough to attract thousands of tourists each year to the desert city, to indulge in nothing more than endless gratification. And remember, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

Entertain-Me - Las Vegas


Everyone knows there’s nothing funny about blenders… or there is? Blendtec claims for its superior blending power in a very unusual and funny way. They created the platform/show “Will it blend?” to demonstrate you can blend anything with their products. And they literally do!

entertain-me - blendtec will it blend


Conceived by filmmaker J. J. Abrams and written by award-winning novelist Doug Dorst, S is the chronicle of two readers finding each other in the margins of a book and enmeshing themselves in a deadly struggle between forces they don’t understand. It is also Abrams and Dorst’s love letter to the written word, expanding it from a simple book to a whole interactive experience full of secrets, treasures and surprises.

entertain-me - s by jj abrams



With the moto “We sell bottled emotions, not wines” and the mission of “enotaining the world”, Wine With Spirit has challenged the old wines industry in a very disruptive way. Their secret lies in bringing out the true spirit that should guide all who want to enjoy a good wine. They got rid of the names that do not give a clue as to how this or that wine should be best enjoyed. Instead they designed labels that guide each client to the occasion each wine is most suited to. From “Meat & Meet” for those who enjoy a proper barbecue to “Dine with me tonight” to help create – even before the bottle is opened – the right mood for a great dinner (“à deux?”). Includes the “Bastardo!” wine, for those moments you want to drink out of spite.

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