Behavioral Trends: Femininity Reloaded


Femininity Reloaded


We don’t want to be like men. Our femininity is only an expression of our identity. We seek collaboration and not competition between genders. For us, being smart and independent is the new “sexy”.


For International Women’s Day 2020, ride-hailing company Uber launched a campaign in India highlighting how 3 out of 5 women in India limit their opportunities to a 1 km radius. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the gender commute gap, featuring real interviews with young working women, as well as men, who describe their ambitions and the limits they would go to for their careers—to then be faced with statistics. Uber offers a solution, providing women with safe and reliable transportation whenever and wherever they may need it.

Femininity Reloaded - Uber WithinHerReach


Female-founded lingerie brand Knix celebrates women of all ages in their International Women’s Day 2020 campaign. With an empowering, uplifting message of “50 is the new… who gives a f*ck”, Knix cast 13 women with ages from 50 to 81 to embrace the beauty in aging, broadcasting to the world that women can reclaim their bodies regardless of age and live unapologetically free.

Femininity Reloaded - Knix Underwear (article)


On International Women’s Day 2020, public areas in Mexico were filled with tens of thousands of women who raised their voices against the prevalence of violence against women in Mexican society, particularly feminicides and girls and women gone missing. The next day, these very spaces were notoriously devoid of women. The reason? A national strike to bring attention on those same issues, called “Un día sin nosotras” (A day without us). A clear sense of female solidarity and sorority was palpable; the presence -and absence of approximately 22 million women who joined the national strike- was felt more than ever. On the day of the strike, the Mexican economy suffered an estimated loss of $37 billion pesos ($1.7 billion USD), and about 45.5% of the workforce was absent. A very poignant form of femininity was shown in the protests, defining a “before” and “after” moment in Mexican history.

Femininity Reloaded - A day without Women - Mexico 2020 (article)


Hershey Brazil has launched a campaign for International Women’s Day 2020. The campaign consists of packaging highlighting the “Her” and “She” parts of their name, and prominently featuring the artistic work of Brazilian women, from illustrators and poets to singers. The company aims to recognize and encourage female empowerment and creation, as well as aiding in the promotion of these women’s careers. Alongside the packaging, Hershey is encouraging other women artists to share their work in social media with the hashtags #HerSheGallery and #HerShe, with the chance of being posted by the brand.

Femininity Reloaded - Hershey's HerSheGallery (article)


Peruvian fashion brand Saga Falabella promotes gender equality in a series of advertisements aimed to showcase the problems women still face in today’s society. Their Dare Change campaign also promotes female empowerment, through scenes which show women facing intimidating situations head-on.

femininity reloaded - saga falabella


You run like a girl. You hit like a girl. When did that became an insult? Procter & Gamble nailed it with this campaign for the brand Always.

femininity reloaded - always (like a girl)


Why do women have to apologize all the time? Be strong and shine is a powerful message for women around the world.

femininity reloaded - PANTENE SHINESTRONG


Ana Victoria García, from Victoria 147, is empowering women through knowledge and networking. “Women inspiring women”, as their slogan reads, to do business, create, take risks and make the best out of themselves.

femininity reloaded - victoria 147


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