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The amount of information we are exposed to, exceeds our ability to treat it. It is often difficult to find what’s really useful for us. We want to make better decisions. We don’t want more distractions and interruptions. Capture our attention, we want something relevant!




In this age of virtual overload, it’s hard for marketers to pinpoint what audiences are truly interested in. After all, we’re bombarded by so much information that it’s often hard to read between the lines, and it’s starting to affect companies, too. Partners like Comscore are crucial for navigating often treacherous waters of seemingly endless data. They provide insights, analytics and evaluations on the data that’s most relevant to marketers, enterprises and agencies. This information can be used to start formulating new campaigns and even re-structuring the way companies present themselves, so that they’re not adding more in to the already-saturated market. The solution to infoxication in marketing lies in clarity and transparency, Comscore’s specialty.

Infoxication - Comscore


Dave Pell has turned his obsession with the news into a curatorial endeavor: he visits between 50 and 75 news sites every morning and compiles ten fascinating items. The results of his meticulous daily selection process is sent out to users via his newsletter and app, NextDraft. He takes the role of the often-cursed algorithm and delivers only quintessential, vibrant bits of information, easing the burden of sifting through endless articles and clickbait.

Infoxication - NextDraft


Quartz is an online publication founded in 2012 and dedicated to serving emerging entrepreneurs and business leaders, with its content encompassing a wide range of subjects and topics that have been especially curated to provide its target audience with only the most relevant content for their interests. The platform, like its users, has a worldwide presence, enabling Quartz with a global perspective and showcasing the diversity of the different societies that make up the world. Particularly notable is their Daily Brief feature, which delivers the top content of the day straight to your inbox, providing users with more streamlined, less overloaded information.

Infoxication - Quartz


Cluttered inboxes are commonplace in personal and business settings alike, and often in both at the same time. Endless newsletters, subscriptions, targeted emails and spam that we never open up fill up the storage in our email, to the point of people accumulating tens of thousands of them over several years. In the best-case scenario, it’s an eyesore, and in the worst, it can be a plague and a real threat to productivity. Unrollme is an app that allows users to have a quick glance at their newsletter and subscription-related emails, quickly allowing them to cancel their subscriptions or keep them in their inbox. It also has a feed where the user ‘rolls up’ the newsletters they would like to read later, allowing them to browse through their contents precisely.

Infoxication - Unrollme


The Internet of the early 2000’s was a place of unbridled freedom. People found an outlet for self-expression in the World Wide Web in a way that they hadn’t before. That shifted with the advent of social networking sites that centralized online interactions and removed part of the early Internet’s appeal. Monetization, ads and generally consumerist interests took over. Medium, a publishing site for practically anyone who wants to use it, is a response to the overload in information that came with the new age of the Internet. A clear interface with minimum elements and content curated according to your interests is boosted by the possibility to mute content that doesn’t align with them, allowing users a say in what the platform shows them. A clear departure from the bombardment that often characterizes social media.

Infoxication - Medium


When Pocket emerged in 2012, the world paid attention. The omnipresent service essentially allows users to save content for later consumption, even if they’re no longer online, which opens up possibilities for reading articles on the train, watching a couple videos on a plane, or simply unwind and catch up on the news once you get home. Nowadays, the app is as just efficient as when it first launched, saving users the hassle of diving through endless content to find what caught their eye – a simple tap and it’s safely stored. Despite many apps adding their own “save” feature (notably Facebook and Instagram), Pocket stands out in its compatibility and its gathering of content from all corners of the web, which solidifies its place as a de-infoxicator.

Infoxication - Pocket


Since 2006, writer Maria Popova has crafted weekly letters (initially via email to a select group of 7 friends), detailing her personal search for meaning across different subjects of human thought (arts, literature, science, philosophy, among others), and practically archiving and documenting her own personal growth throughout the years. Even when taking out personal details, Popova’s weekly insights and snippets of wisdom remain a deeply unique oasis among a desert of vapid information, sparking an interest in often overlooked topics.

Infoxication - BrainPickings


The age of the Internet has bestowed us with a blessing and a curse. We have unlimited amounts of information at our fingertips, which enable us to create even more information more quickly; but in this day and age, we often find ourselves distracted by information that might not help us get a task done. SelfControl is a free, open-source Mac application that aims to force its users to focus on what matters. SelfControl allows users to blacklist certain websites, which are blocked for a period of time the user selects. It might be extreme, but it removes unwanted distractions effectively and allows us to restrict our content consumption.

Infoxication - SelfControl


MUBI is an online subscription service which offers a pre-curated selection of films to its users. These films range from cult films to classics, independent films and everything in between. One movie is added daily, but it is only available for a month before it disappears from the service. This way, users have access to a constant rotation of carefully selected films for all tastes and grades of sophistication.

Infoxication - MUBI


Flipboard is an app that helps you manage and process contents. Its algorithm learn from your interactions, clicks, likes and shares and curates content, even your social media, to show you first what you’ll probably find more relevant.

infoxication - flipboard


In this infoxicated era there are too many distractions and focusing on one only task is almost impossible. Every distraction and interruption are equivalent to lowering your IQ level by several points, so it is not only the time you spend to finish something but the quality of the final work what will be affected. You need a technique, and there’s one.

infoxication - pomodoro



One of the most successful experiments by Google, the GOOGLE NOW function works as a digital assistant to process all your information and inform you, without even asking, about relevant things. For example, knowing where you are (through and Android smartphone) and that you will flight this afternoon at 5pm to London (because you received your ticket in your Gmail), it will give you in advance relevant information such as the weather at your destination (so you know what to pack), remind you of getting your boarding pass in advance, and even telling you that is time to leave to the airport (crossing your current location with the traffic information in your city). In the era of ATTENTIONOMICS, the real winner is the one who brings you the information you need BEFORE you even know you need it.

infoxication - google now



Information design is key for relevance. Based on social media metrics on the digital buzz, Pictoline selects a topic and then develops it in great infographics, easy to understand and worthy to share.

infoxication - pictoline


Morioka Shoten is a bookstore in Tokyo with a single book available at a time, for six days. Under the concept of “a single room with a single book”, it relies fully on its capacity to filter and curate successfully, recommending the selected book among thousands of options out there. A concept so interesting that it has become a tourist attraction for visitors in Japan.

infoxication - morioka shoten


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