Behavioral Trends: Modern Masculinity


Modern Masculinity


We are more in touch with our emotions and feel more openness to express who we are on the inside to the outside. We want to be more involved in household chores and parenting, and not only be providers.


Around the world, many groups of men have popped up with the purpose of providing a place for all kinds or men to get advice, discuss profound or emotional topics, and simply feel like they can be themselves. Called “Circles of Men/Círculos de Hombres”, they focus on building relationships of trust between their members, and are meant to be a safe, inclusive space in which toxic masculinity simply doesn’t belong. These men are helping redefine what it means to be a man, and reforming outdated notions of masculinity into healthy, modern ones, while helping their fellow members become the best versions of themselves.

Modern Masculinity - Circles of Men


Finland has reformed their paid parental leave policy to allow both parents to benefit from it, whether they are giving birth or not. As of 2021, when the reform takes effect, each parent will be able to take 164 days off, adding up to a combined total of 14 months. This applies to heterosexual and same-sex partners as well as to single parents. Once considered the mother’s sole duty while the father worked, current attitudes are shifting to gender equality, now including fathers in the parental rights and responsibilities to begin from the child’s birth. Now, fathers can fully experience the joy (and hardships) of their child’s first days in this world.

Modern Masculinity - Family Leave


Men don’t typically receive the most exciting presents, be it for Valentine’s Day, their birthdays, or… pretty much ever. was created by two brothers from Monterrey (México) who had exactly that frustration. Their aim is to make presents for men exciting again, offering a wide variety of products and price ranges to fit a plethora of interests and hobbies. The originality extends to the packaging: each order comes encased in a sealed wooden box with an accompanying metal bar, which must be used to pry it open and reveal the gifts. Definitely an upgrade from socks and ties.

Modern Masculinity - Tyranosaurio


Being a dad is awesome. Kids look up to their dads like superheroes, they depend on them for emotional reinforcement–but also when rules need to be enforced. Cheerios demonstrates this through a hilarious commercial that encapsulates what they call ’dadhood’; a prime example of modern masculinity.

Modern Masculinity - Cheerios #HowToDad


For those of us who are very involved fathers, you may have noticed that more and more male public bathrooms have incorporated the changing diapers station. In the image, one of the many bathrooms at Mexico City International Airport. And this is happening worldwide.

modern masculinity - male bathrooms diapers changing station


More and more traditional healthcare brands are looking towards specific solutions for men.

modern masculinity - dove men care


A barbershop in Bogota, Colombia. Serving and pampering the new men with glam and testosterone. A lot of experiential and design, Heineken and Jack Daniels.

modern masculinity - madmen



Body Shampoo for Men: Hair, Body & Balls, presented as a typical women shampoo commercial, combined with images of a man taking a shower.

modern masculinity - asan


Old Spice relaunch a few years ago rescued the concept of the traditional man-man, who behaves like a man, talks like a man, acts like a man, and smells like a real man.

modern masculinity - old spice


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