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My Town, My City, My Country


We are aware of the space we live in and with whom we share it. We believe in the power of collaboration, community and shared values. We are proud of where we come from and where we live. We are committed and active citizens.


A group of volunteers set out on a quest to create civic consciousness through technology and humor expressed in over-the-top public actions in Mexico City, all in the purpose of improving public spaces for everyone while putting a spotlight on the failings of government policies and unconscious citizens.

My Town My City My Country - Los Supercívicos


The community of Lavapiés in Madrid took over an abandoned public building, the old tobacco factory, and created a communitarian space for culture, arts, education and leisure activities. One of our favorite places in the world, totally managed by the neighbors.

my town, my city, my country - LA TABACALERA DE MADRID


Celica was a maximum security prison in the former Yugoslavia for political prisoners. Its surroundings at Metelkova street were a nest of heroin addicts and thieves. But after the independence of Slovenia, the community took over the place and invited artists all over the country to rescue and give some life to the place, and they did. The Hostel Celica is now one of the most awarded hotels in Europe and Metelkova one of the most creatives and disruptive places in the world.

my town, my city, my country - metelkova street and hostel celica


As part of its Top Cities initiative, Heineken made a great move by recovering Beco das Garrafas (bottle’s alley), an iconic place in Rio de Janeiro full of bars and clubs where the Bossanova was born. It was abandoned, insecure and full of seedy bars until the brand turned to rescue it. Now is one of the most emblematic places in the country, a must for tourists and music lovers.

my town, my city, my country - beco das garrafas


Many decades ago the coffee producers in Colombia organized themselves against the foreign corporations exploiting them and lowering their prices. They created an association and a brand, Juan Valdez, to group under one only name the best coffee in the world, with lots of benefits for the small producers and their families. It is a pride story for Colombians.

my town, my city, my country - juan valdez


Corona is one of the most international brands in Mexico, probably the most known Mexican brand in the world. Their international credentials allow them to play with the local pride, what Mexicans can do if they dare to, and believe in themselves.

my town, my city, my country - corona


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