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We are creative and intelligent, and we want to change the world. A corporate career is not desirable and safe for us. We like to take risks and innovate. We are entrepreneurs and we will invest all our money, time and effort to make it happen.




Failure is everywhere. Every single human being has failed at something countless times in their lifetime. Maybe, failure is even one of the few things that are guaranteed in life. Why is, then, it that people only talk about success stories in the business world? Is there really nothing to learn from our experiences of failure? Mexican-based startup Fuckup Inc. has taken these questions to heart, with their groundbreaking initiative, Fuckup Nights. These are worldwide events that have the purpose of bringing people together over their apparently negative experiences, in order to generate meaningful solutions. Over 321 cities in 90 countries have held these events, making the need for these conversations evident: We all need to know our ‘fuckups’ weren’t in vain.

Path Creators - Fuckup Nights


Humanity, despite evolving at an accelerating rate, still has its problems, but we can’t attempt to solve 21st century problems with 20th century solutions. Socialab is an international community of problem-solvers with over 600 thousand creatives from 96 countries around the world, whose purpose is making current hardships visible and develop effective ways to eliminate them. Socialab doesn’t see problems, they see Challenges, which are proposed to a diverse group of creative minds, guided by principles of the ”Economy of Love”, in which every person has the opportunities they deserve to grow. They open up two paths of possibilities: one of personal and social growth for their creatives, and one of improvement and prosperity to the communities whose problems they’re solving.

Path Creators - Socialab


Entreprenup (Mexico) organizes and hosts unconventional and massive innovation-focused events for startups and entrepreneurs alike. Their flagship event, Winnovation, is held once a year in Mexico City, and gathers remarkable individuals in the business sphere for conferences, feedback sessions, parties and more. Givers Disruptive offers feedback to three disruptive entrepreneurs and Mastergrind allows three experts to prove their expertise, with room for discussion and debate with the audience. Entreprenup’s events have been considered trailblazers and catalyzers of innovation, truly earning them the title of path creators in Mexico.

Path Creators - Entreprenup

DISRUPTIVO.TV is an online platform that generates and spreads content relating to social entrepreneurship and innovation to a wide community of users, aiming to spark inspiration and curiosity in entrepreneurs. Their information impacts over a million people across 47 countries, and they’ve provided formative services, both online and in person, to over 12 thousand people; also being promoters of business growth by providing access to capital funding in businesses’ early stages. This combination of effective, useful information, educational projects, and startup promotion has led to become a key resource for entrepreneurs and growing startups alike.

Path Creators -


Wework is a coworking space with features like networking, events, classes, workshops, coffee, high speed internet, printing, boardroom, common areas, cleaning, and telephone booths. They offer an incredible workspace, connections with a global community and aim for entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups to make their businesses grow.

Path Creators - Wework


The most admirable thing about Google is how they have managed to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit even being a billionaire company. They are continuously evolving, managing internal projects as startups on their own with their FAIL FAST and carry on spirit.

Path Creators - Google


Crowdfunding, the power of the crowd applied to finances, is a great way to fund your startup without going to the traditional banking or Venture Capital models. Instead of asking a big institution, now you can post your project in platforms as Kickstarter and attract people to fund it!

Path Creators - KickStarter


The future of education relies on preparing students for the real (working) life, not in an academical but in a practical way. Ecole42, a coding university for programmers, offers a whole new approach that promises to end with the “old school” schools, leading to new paradigms adapted to current times.

Path Creators - Ecole42


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