Behavioral Trends: Personalization




I am not just another customer. Make me feel unique and special, as if what you offer is designed just for me. I want products and services that truly distinguish me out from the crowd.


Over the past few years, phone cases have increasingly become a fashion accessory. It’s logical: we spend a large part of our time with our phone in our hand. Companies like Hong Kong-based startup Casetify are allowing customers to customize their own phone case design, from adding just their initials or names, to even designing a plane ticket mockup with the name of any city. People want their personalities and identities reflected on their most essential accessory – and the world is taking notice.

Personalization - Casetify (article)


Sakurako Shimizu is a trained craftsman in jewelry-making based in New York (USA), who specializes in custom wedding rings and personal jewelry that have soundwaves carved into them. These can represent the sound of wedding vows, personal messages, heartbeats, and practically any everyday sound. A truly unique and stylish way to symbolize the special union of two people.

Personalization - Sakurako Shimizu Wedding Rings


If you have ever waited in line in a Starbucks, you may have noticed the very different kind of orders they constantly receive. Probably if you go to Starbucks is because you do exactly that: ask for your own special recipe for the perfect cup of coffee. Where normally a coffee is just a coffee, they have succeeded in making it feel yours, with your own specs, and with your name written on the cup. So, there goes YOUR coffee.

personalization - starbucks


Given the amount of videos and content available in Netflix, they use tons of algorithms and big data to generate a personalized experience for each one. Remember they fight for a piece of your attention, so they have to try to be as relevant as they can to your experience. Two accounts won’t look the same, they are 100% tailor-made.

personalization - netflix


Spotify works hardly and constantly towards a personalized music experience for everyone. This includes the continuous generation of playlists according to your tastes and habits.

personalization - spotify


Stitch Fix is a subscription clothing brand who sends you a mystery/surprise box to your house every month with 5 pieces. You may return the ones you didn’t like, and keep the ones you like, while they learn more and more every month about your personal tastes.

personalization - stitch fix


The Haute Maroquinerie private customization session takes place at the VIP Salon in Manila Louis Vuitton Greenbelt 4 store in Makati City. This exclusive service allows every woman to create a unique bag of her own by choosing the shape, the leather, the color and the hardware according to her preference. The last step is the personalization in order to make the bag truly hers. The bag will be ready in 6-12 months.

personalization - Louis Vuitton


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