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Society is now too fluid and “natural” conventions are collapsing. We are not defined by age, gender, race, occupation, beliefs, income, nationality, sexual preferences or location. We are individuals in a global community. Do not rest in assumptions, you better see into our behaviors, preferences, attitudes, problems and needs. Demographics are dead, and we celebrate the new normal.




Mexico-based Marea Consulting is a firm dedicated to generating a culture of inclusion in the workplace, as a form of enhancing productivity, promoting talent and improving the work conditions for employees from all walks of life. They offer diagnostic, immersion processes, conferences, research services and, most importantly, accompaniment to implement more inclusive policies into the corporate landscape.

Post-Demographics - Marea Consulting


People with disabilities are often denied work under the preconception that they’re not skilled or able to do the job they’re applying to. This reality is exacerbated in the Latin American region, where prejudice against people with disabilities is widespread. In 2013, was launched as a multinational platform for bringing together job-seekers with disabilities and companies who are open to learn more about inclusion. They operate in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina. Since its foundation, has helped over 1900 people to find a job. is also working towards the fulfilment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly No Poverty, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequalities.

Post-Demographics - Incluyeme


For the past few generations, toys have been designed and marketed with a clear gender distinction: Dolls in pink boxes were for girls, trucks in blue boxes were for boys. This arbitrary division has left a lasting impact on the way many people think about gender roles, has enforced unjust gender expectations, and it still leaves an imprint on a large portion of the world. The UK-based initiative Let Toys Be Toys pushes back against gendered toys, stating that people of all genders should play with whatever toys they want – that’s what they’re for, after all – without fear or judgement.

Post-Demographics - Let Toys Be Toys


As part of their 2020 annual Pride campaign #PROUDINMYCALVINS, Calvin Klein collaborated with models who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. However, it was the inclusion of one particular model that was particularly controversial. Jari Jones, a plus-size, black, transqueer lesbian woman was featured front and center in a massive billboard in New York City’s Times Square. The responses were extremely polarised, with some people being shocked at the transgression of Eurocentric beauty standards, and another large portion celebrating the brand for it. Either way, it’s one of the very first times that women like Jones are being given the spotlight in such a large scale, and it’s helping to bring awareness to the issues the black trans community face at a pivotal time.

Post-Demographics - Jari Jones For Calvin Klein Pride 2020 (article)


Breakthrough is a global human rights organization based in the U.S. and India, which aims to generate culture change through art and technology. They are committed to ending violence and violent structures that undermine people’s dignity, equality and respect. The manifestations of their work include film, animation, video games, storytelling, and social media, which aim to make human rights issues accessible and relevant for young people.

Post-Demographics - Breakthrough Organization


In 2007, 6-year-old Jazz Jennings showed up on American national television and spoke up about being a transgender child. For over a decade now, audiences have followed her transition by way of interviews, articles and, since 2015, a reality show documenting every aspect of her life. She has been very candid and outspoken about her experiences, and counts herself as lucky to have had supportive parents who supported her from day one. Now 19, Jazz continues to be a steadfast advocate for LGBT rights, especially youth trans rights.

Post-Demographics - Jazz Jennings (article)


In 2014, Laverne Cox made ripples across Hollywood by being one of the first transgender actresses to portray a role that went beyond stereotypes in a mainstream show – Orange is the New Black. This role allowed her to become the first trans woman to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. Her stardom has also made her the first trans woman to grace the cover of Time magazine. In 2020 Netflix released Disclosure, a documentary where leading trans creatives and thinkers share heartfelt perspectives and analysis about Hollywood’s impact on the trans community. The visibility she brought to trans issues helped change paradigms on how the U.S. media portrays transgender people, making her an LGBT icon for generations to come.

Post-Demographics - Laverne Cox


Non-binary people have existed across history in a wide variety of cultures: from the hijras of India and kathoeys in Thailand to the lhamana of the Zuni and the muxes in Mexico, the idea of a “third gender” is not something new. However, modern society has been constructed on the idea of the gender binary, insisting that only men and women exist, legally denying people who do not fit into that conception of the world the right to their own identity. However, in recent years, that has started to shift. A handful of countries around the world have legally recognised the existence of non-binary people, allowing them to reflect their gender accurately on state-issued documents. These countries are Australia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Malta, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Thailand, some U.S. states, and Uruguay.

Post-Demographics - Legal Recognition of Non-binary or Third Gender


In Japan, there’s a movement of young men who are defying the socially conservative country’s notions of gender. Calling themselves genderless danshi (or genderless boys), they wear makeup, nail-polish and feminine clothing, although they view their gender identity as male. The group has grown in popularity and scale, effectively starting to change perceptions of masculinity in Japan.

Post-Demographics - Genderless Danshi (article)


Chris Mosier is an American athlete, who in 2015 became the first transgender man to make it into the U.S. national men’s team in both duathlons and triathlons, and in 2016 became the first trans athlete to be sponsored by sportswear giant Nike. His most recent breakthrough, in 2020, is being the first trans athlete to have qualified for Olympic men’s racewalking trials. He states that his prime motivation has been to open up possibilities for all trans people, essentially paving the road for trans acceptance in sports.

Post-Demographics - Chris Mosier (article)


The discussion surrounding public bathrooms has long been controversial, and many people have been fighting to make these essential public spaces more inclusive. An example is the fact that public men’s bathrooms in New York have now been required to incorporate baby changing tables in a move towards gender equality – and a relief for thousands of fathers. Another one could be the removal of gender segregation, making public bathrooms open for anyone, regardless of gender, to use. These unisex bathrooms are a step forward for gender equality and also trans inclusivity, removing the often harmful labels of gender from a space that’s supposed to be safe for everyone.

Post-Demographics - Inclusive Bathrooms (article)


Finland has reformed their paid parental leave policy to allow both parents to benefit from it, whether they are giving birth or not. As of 2021, when the reform takes effect, each parent will be able to take 164 days off, adding up to a combined total of 14 months. This applies to heterosexual and same-sex partners as well as to single parents. The new policy clearly shows a disposition to overcome traditional gender roles and encouraging shared parenting responsibilities between both parents, a move towards making caretaking an equal priority across genders.

Post-Demographics - Family Leave


With its Unisex Couture line, Rad Hourani designs collections that can be worn by both males as well as females. As a designer, a photographer, a video maker, but mostly an artist, he launched Unisex Family, a collection that is perfectly suited for men, women and children. Using sartorial cuts to shape his collections, he suggests an asexual approach to fashion. Mainly inspired by architecture, he envisions that even kids should not have to obey to what he considers “the rules of gender, age, seasons and nationality”.

Post-Demographics - Rad Hourani Unisex Collection


Cheerios launched this apparently innocent commercial showing a bi-racial couple. It generated huge controversy and conversation, bringing again the racial issue to media.

post-demographics - cheerios


In order to be as inclusive as possible, Facebook included a list of 58 (and counting) different genders so you can choose your own.

post-demographics - facebook genders


On the left, a picture showing the first ladies of different countries, and the first gentleman of Luxembourg, Gauthier Destenay, husband of gay Prime Minister Xavier Bettel at The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) conference. On the right, Brigitte Macron, wife of Emmanuel Macron, president of France, who is 24 years older than him. If politics are a representation of people, this is happening now.

post-demographics - first ladies


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