Behavioral Trends: Seekers




We are easily influenced. We are exploring and yearn to find meaning. We want to be guided and find role models. We want to connect with something bigger than ourselves.


Racism and police brutality against Black people have plagued the United States for its entire history. In recent years, the deaths of more and more Black people at the hands of police has sparked a movement of Black people and allies who demand justice and systemic change to prevent further deaths. In 2020 in particular, a wave of national and international protests were brought along after the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people united to remind everyone that Black lives matter, and that State forces must serve and protect them, not act as judge, jury and executioner.

Seekers - Black Lives Matter


In August 2018, then-15-year-old Greta Thunberg caused a viral sensation after holding a school strike in front of the Swedish parliament in order to spur action from the government regarding the escalating climate crisis – her iconic Skolstrejk för Klimatet sign made the rounds on social media and ignited a worldwide movement. Greta’s tenacity has ignited a global movement of climate-conscious students, who will continue to push for climate action through peaceful school strikes as long as governments don’t treat climate change as the crisis it is.

Seekers - Greta Thunberg


Reboot is an arts and culture non-profit that reimagines and reinforces Jewish thought and traditions. Founded in 2001, they draw their inspiration from Jewish rituals and embrace arts, humor, food, philosophy, and social justice in their productions. Reboot organizes events, exhibitions, books, films and more, all with the aim of keeping young Jews in touch with their culture.

Seekers - Reboot


What could easily be a boring functional sports brand, has become an inspirational guide to many. People want to be guided, inspired, and that’s exactly what Nike has achieved with their JUST DO IT mantra.

seekers - nike


After working many years at the Lottery of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Edir Macedo discovered that the real business was not winning the lottery: what people buy is hope. So he decided to found a church, that has now many international branches especially among Latin America. Their mantra “Pare de Sufrir” (stop suffering) has a huge recall with people. They have expanded a brick empire (they own all their buildings) among hundreds of cities in different countries.

seekers - pare de sufrir



People don’t buy WHAT you do… they buy WHY you do it. A good story connects beliefs, so people don’t really follow you, nor your brand, nor your message, they actually show up for themselves.

seekers - simon sinek


Founded in the early 1980’s in Los Angeles, the Mara Salvatrucha has become an international criminal gang with a very successful model: they “adopt” (recruit) orphans and homeless kids and give them a shelter, food, and a family, a sense of belonging, for the first time in their lives.

seekers - mara salvatrucha



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