Behavioral Trends: Social Omnipresence


Social Omnipresence


We now exist on multiple mobile-based platforms and have a comprehensive digital identity. Human emotions have evolved, and so the ways we can communicate them to the rest of the world. Every day we exchange feelings, experiences and knowledge with a rich online community.


Facebook is the absolute leader of Social Media nowadays, with nearly half of the world population having an account there. We all now have a digital alter-ego to take care of, to pamper, to present the best version of ourselves to the world. We are social creatures, gregarious beings in constant search for connection and bonding with others.

Social Omnipresence - Facebook


Facebook is investing in technologies to make it even more easy and common to connect and interact with others through digital platforms. Facebook Spaces is a Virtual Reality platform to interact with your friends wherever they are. More than just a digital projection of yourself in social media, you’ll now have a digital avatar to present to others.

Social Omnipresence - Facebook Spaces


Taking advantage of our digital and social worlds, BirdsEye created a User-Generated Content campaign for the launch of its new line: Inspirations. Instead of using traditional media, they proposed a trade to consumers: come and eat in this POP-UP Restaurant, and you’ll pay for your meal by posting a picture to your social media with the hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations

Social Omnipresence - BirdsEye


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