Behavioral Trends: Stressed Society


Stressed Society


Time is limited but our tasks are not. Fast equals success. We thrive on performance, comparison and achievements. We multitask. We have become more impatient and impulsive, always under pressure and with no time to spare. For us, time is of the essence and immediacy is key.




Stress takes a significant toll on the body and mind. We’re more stressed than ever, so we need health services at our reach with more urgency than ever. In Latin America, there’s a scarcity in health professionals who can help us through the Internet. A solution comes in Saluta, a digital health center, which provides its four available services for patients across Latin America: telepsychiatry, telepsychology, general tele-medicine and e-learning. Saluta is safe, accessible, efficient and quick, setting themselves out from the rest with their new “wellness medicine” concept, which aims to re-center patients’ bodies and minds.

Stressed Society - Saluta


Cooking at home can be tedious, difficult, boring… Let’s switch it up. Thermomix is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can do the heavy lifting for you with the push of a button, while you make time for what matters most: be it time with the kids, working, or catching up on your favorite show.

Stressed Society - Thermomix


Who has time for cleaning the house nowadays? We’re all caught up in our emails, our meetings, our next project. Let’s not waste our time doing menial housework. Sit back and let the Roomba do the job. With its new capabilities, like self-emptying and custom mapping, the iconic vacuum robot by iRobot is more than equipped to become an aid to our stress-filled lifestyles.

Stressed Society - Roomba


When you don’t have time for shopping and you want it NOW, 1-Click is the way to go. Amazon’s game-changing trademarked feature allows user to consummate a purchase with a single click, with the convenience of all their payment, billing and shipping information being already stored in the Amazon database. We don’t want to spend precious minutes filling out our data: we want to get our purchase in the shortest amount of time possible.

Stressed Society - Amazon 1-Click


Calendar apps, alarms, notifications. All of these endlessly reminding us of what we need to do, what we need to keep track of. Then, why does it always feel like we’re forgetting something? Are the digital tools that we use to keep our lives in check, somehow, not foolproof? Bullet Journal is an initiative started in 2014 by Ryder Carrol that aims to streamline the lives of its users, by going back to the basics with an analog notebook and a pen. The journal is a system for keeping track of everything –yes, everything– you need to do or have done, with an elaborate system of keys, pages and daily checkups that will ensure you forget nothing.

Stressed Society - Bullet Journal


We’re so absorbed in the tribulations of our daily routines that we don’t have time to resolve our inner conflicts. Having a declining mental health is certainly damaging both to our productivity and our livelihood, but getting out of that low point is often the most difficult process. Where do you look for someone to talk to that knows how to help? Therapists are extremely hard to connect with. That’s where BetterHelp comes in. An affordable and accessible network of licensed therapists that can assist you, whatever your predicament may be. Society may be stressed, but we don’t want to be.

Stressed Society - BetterHelp


Can you imagine eating fine food any day at home and not having to spend time cooking and then cleaning everything afterwards? The future is here–and it’s gourmet. Robotics company Moley is developing what they call a revolution in home cooking in the vein of cellphones and vacuum cleaners. It comes as a pair of futuristic, complex robot arms equipped with the ability to effectively prepare thousands of five-stars recipes, performing every single step perfectly. The company showed a working prototype in 2015 at CES, and aims to launch functional consumer versions in 2020.

Stressed Society - Moley Robotic Kitchen


Smart homes, like many technological advancements predicted decades ago, are still in the process of fully forming. Not many consumers have the privilege to fully equip their houses with countless gadgets–but Google, with its Nest division, is aiming to change that. Small, simple, efficient appliances that upgrade your home experience without breaking the bank or requiring a full overhaul. Offering everything from smart speakers to thermostats to smart locks, Google Nest offers busy consumers both a way to control their home life closely and to monitor what goes on at home when they’re not there. Stressed and wary? Google Nest has your back.

Stressed Society - Google Nest


Headspace is a platform providing users with a guide on meditation and mindfulness founded by Andy Puddicombe (UK), who cut his Sports Science degree short to become a Buddhist monk. After his monastic commitment, Puddicombe returned to the United Kingdom with the purpose of spreading meditation techniques to as many people as possible. Originally starting out as an event company, Headspace went to become an online service by demand of its users, who desperately needed a respite from their (very stressful) daily routines. Headspace is currently available as a free mobile app, with a subscription service for more in-depth meditations.

Stressed Society - Headspace


Meditation is often hailed as a moment of rest from the breakneck pace of our packed daily routines. But what effect does it really have on the brain? Muse, the meditation headband, provides its users with an answer. It connects to your smartphone and headphones and recalibrates your brainwaves through soundscapes, all the while registering those changes through electrodes embedded into its design. A trustworthy way to enter the journey into mindfulness.

Stressed Society - Muse


We all know making hand-crafted artisanal coffee is of unbeatable quality and flavor. We all know that buying half a kilogram of coffee is very cheap, and that you may prepare dozens of cups of coffee with it. But we all know it takes time, so rather we prefer a one-click immediate experience to have our coffee ASAP.

stressed society - nespresso


What happens when you open the Uber app in a centric location such as Angel de la Independencia in Mexico City? Dozens of cars available around you, less than 5 minutes away. And even 5 minutes can seem a lot in our stressed society, so we may even cancel that request to see if another car is available in less time. We don’t have time to waste. Time is a non-renewable resource and we know it!

stressed society - uber


You may think you know what an addict looks like – but growing numbers of suburban mothers are becoming hooked on prescription drug Adderall in the battle to be the perfect mom. Women across the US are turning to medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which gives them the energy to keep up with the frantic pace of their lives. They admit to stealing the drug from their children (diagnosed with ADHD).

stressed society - adderall



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