Behavioral Trends: The Cheapest or the Plus


The Cheapest or the Plus


We are not loyal customers. We’re always on the quest for the best deals. Superiority claims surround us, but we know is bulls**t. Give us something else, give us real added value, something we would appreciate… or just give us more of the same, for the cheapest price, and shut up.



BATNA, or Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement, is one of the most popular negotiation and conflict resolution methodologies out there. It starts off with an initial offer from both parties, which isn’t feasible for either of them. Each party then proposes a modified version of their original proposal with certain conditions and variables that must be met. At Business at Unusual, we’ve designed a card deck game: the Unusual Deals, based on BATNA with tips and strategies to conduct a creative, human-centered and successful negotiation. Check it out below!

The Cheapest or the Plus - Unusual Deals: The Negotiation Game


Ever since its game-changing 2007 introduction, Apple’s iPhones have been known for being notoriously expensive – so much so that they get more expensive each year, despite the appearance more affordable competitors running on Android. In 2016 (and later in 2020), Apple released the iPhone SE in an effort to bring budget-conscious consumers on board. Retailing at US$399, it featured the latest generation features in a small, light body, becoming the most affordable phone Apple’s ever made. While still not as accessible as lower-range Androids, the iPhone SE remains a decent quality phone for much less than a flagship.

The Cheapest or the Plus - iPhone SE


Over the past decade, ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft have become ubiquitous and even a necessity for the urban nomad lifestyle. However, their pricing algorithm isn’t exactly budget-conscious, particularly in bigger cities and over larger distances. The response comes in the form of InDriver – a ride sharing app where the user sets the price they’re willing to pay for the ride. The drivers then bid higher or lower than the proposed price, and the user selects the most appropriate price for the trip. This model has been named real time deals (RTD), and has allowed for millions of trips to be made for less, without sacrificing on quality.

The Cheapest or the Plus - inDriver


Browser extension Honey is a godsend for online shopping. It automatically scans the web for the most relevant promo codes to your current purchase, instantly applying them and saving a lot of money in the process. It costs nothing, but saves you time AND money, bringing significant, unexpected discounts to even the smallest purchases.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Honey


Ben & Jerry’s is a renowned American ice cream brand that has operated since the late 1970s. Their ice cream stands out from the crowd not only in their flavour innovations but in its consistent commitment with fair trade, environmental, and social causes. Both the company and its founders have shown support for numerous causes through limited ice cream flavours but also through direct action. Ben & Jerry’s has also been notorious for having a close connection with its consumer base, listening to suggestions and criticism and actually incorporating them – for instance, when fans wanted vegan and dairy-free options, the company delivered. Ultimately, when people buy Ben & Jerry’s, they show support for numerous progressive causes while enjoying top-quality ice cream – a sweet deal!

The Cheapest or the Plus - Ben & Jerry's


These foldable hotel rooms might not suit a businessman, but are ideal for those who want to pack light and visit an event or festival. The units measure 3 by 2.5 meters and it is suitable for 2 guests. The hotel rooms are rented to the organization, which can use it for the accommodation of guests or staff. The interior of ‘Flexotels’ is luxurious and efficient, making the cost for one night only a few bucks per person per night. So far the concept is well received due to the flexibility, the saving of road kilometers by transport efficiency and because of the fact that guests can experience the event at close quarters.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Flexotels


Dollar Shave Club is a brand and subscription-based service that provides users with premium shaving and body care products for – you guessed it – a single dollar. Launched in 2012 as a response to the exorbitant prices of razor blades, the company offers affordable, enjoyable products at very low price while keeping quality high. Beyond razors, blades and shaving cream, the company also offers shampoo, face and body wash, and other grooming essentials for men – all at affordable prices.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Dollar Shave Club


In 2009, the AmazonBasics brand was launched in a move by Amazon that was seen both as controversial and monopolistic. It offers budget-friendly, in-house versions of products like batteries, charging cables, luggage, hard drives, and more essentials, geared to become best-sellers from the start due to their price points and the convenience of availability. Buyers are just looking for the best value, and if it so happens to be that Amazon’s own products are the cheapest, they’re not gonna give it a second glance and just buy.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Amazon Basics


While every airline in the planet used to put lots of effort to give customers the best service, websites like have demonstrated that most of the time people is just looking for the cheapest price to get to their destination.

the cheapest or the plus -


Young people don’t want to stay at a regular hotel room – they want a design-centric experience that fuels social interaction and creativity. It all comes together at the Moxy Times Square Hotel, a boutique offering from the Marriott group that incorporates stylish, yet small (therefore cheap) rooms, incredibly fast Wi-Fi and numerous social gathering areas that encourage mingling and fun. The hotel becomes more of a playground for young travellers who want to make the most out of their stay in the epicenter of New York City – all for a bargain price.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Moxy Times Square Hotel


Patagonia is one of the few companies operating today that’s as celebrated for its clothes as it is for its activism. As a certified B Corporation, Patagonia has a distinctly ecologically-minded approach to business. Its founder was a spearheading figure of the One Percent for the Planet Foundation, which persuades businesses to done one percent of their annual earnings to environmental causes – Patagonia refers to this as a “self-tax”. The company has been active in numerous activist campaigns, and participates in fair trade. Buying Patagonia wear is not only stylish, but also sets a new standard for business practices in fashion and beyond.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Patagonia


Google’s Chromebook laptops, as the name suggests, come with only one program – Google Chrome. The premise is that the internet’s capabilities have expanded so much that every necessary task can be fulfilled online. Since they require minimal specs, Chromebooks are typically much cheaper than conventional laptops, starting at US$180. Chromebooks distil the laptop experience down to the essentials, making them an excellent option for budget-conscious students who may not need to run demanding video editing or 3D rendering programs.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Chromebooks


“Thrifting is the new designer” could be a phrase used to describe the recent surge in interest over thrift stores and charity shops, like Goodwill. Millennials and Gen Z’ers have resorted to thrift stores to find unique and vintage items at bargain prices in order to more accurately reflect their personal style, straying from current fashion trends and big-brand impositions. Some have stated that this is a kind of “gentrification” of thrift stores, but Goodwill itself has taken in its new demographic with open arms – even opening an online store – while keeping prices affordable for everyone. In a twist of fate, the cheapest has become the “plus”.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Goodwill


Toms has been very successful in transferring the value equation to a whole new field. This shoes company makes very simple espadrilles, and while everyone in the market is fighting to sell you the cheapest one in less than a dollar, they have succeeded in selling you a pair for more than 60 US dollars, and people is still happy to buy them. Why? Because instead of selling you shoes, through their “One For One” promise, they sell you something of much more value for you: the possibility to contribute for the poor, and to feel a better human being. How much does that cost?

the cheapest or the plus - toms


When you think of getting a discount, you probably picture a coupon. These nifty codes and vouchers are definitely the most well-known strategy for saving money on products – and they’ve gone digital. Groupon is an online service that has been offering coupons since 2008 and has now expanded their services to 15 countries around the world – helping both emerging businesses and customers who just want to get the best deal they can.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Groupon


Bargain products, often with low quality and poor materials, have become the latest subject of hauls – videos where YouTubers and influencers show off large purchases, typically clothing or makeup. These low-price, low-quality items are often so bizarre that they become desirable and actively sought after in their own right. All of them are available on Wish, an online marketplace that directly connects consumers with manufacturers, ensuring the lowest price for… whatever it is users want to buy. After all, the website itself has taken pride in being the home of “weird and wacky” products that you probably won’t be able to find elsewhere online.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Wish


A beer is a beer, we all know that. So, you can fight to claim and establish your superiority in quality and price, embrace it and be the cheapest one to gain customers, or laugh about it and win the preference of your consumers through candidness and humor.

the cheapest or the plus - newcastle beer


Gold jewelry is still regarded as highly valuable luxury items, and are a solid investment for many people. However, most gold jewelry isn’t perceived or sold as mere gold – prices often reflect an intangible perception of intrinsic value in the pieces, thus becoming inaccessible for many. Menē is a store that sells 24-karat gold jewelry not by abstract ideals but by its solid weight in grams, bringing transparency and accessibility to a world that’s usually up in the clouds. From bracelets and rings to charms and pendants, Menē offers practically any kind of jewelry you’d like – at the lowest possible price.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Menē


Traveling is expensive from beginning to end – plane tickets, accommodations and even food. But it doesn’t have to be. Before the advent of Airbnb, there was Hotwire. An online resource for saving money on regular hotels, without having to give up quality. Hotwire negotiates directly with hotels to offer deep discounts on vacant rooms, making it a win-win situation for the establishment and the guest. Besides hotel rooms, Hotwire also offers incredible deals on car rentals and other travel needs for the budget-conscious traveler.

The Cheapest or the Plus - Hotwire


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