Behavioral Trends: The Recalibration of Health and Beauty


The Recalibration of Health & Beauty


We know health is more important than superficial beauty. Our “beautification” rituals now include a more holistic view between looking good, being healthy and becoming a better person. We are taking care of our body, emotions, mind and spirit. We seek to reflect our inner beauty to the outside.




People’s relationships with their bodies, within both contexts of health and beauty, are often very different, as the perception of what constitutes a “healthy body” is constantly changing. CIES, which stands for Center of Investigation and Education for Health, is an institution that seeks to provide an array of alternative tools, knowledge and abilities related to health that lead to a lifestyle that favors sustainability, community health and individual and social peace. CIES believes that a set of habits and stimuli lead to good health and the harmonious development of body, mind and essence of life or spirit, whether you perceive your body as an obstacle or a platform for achieving your goals.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - CIES


Healthy food and products that aid with our health are often hard to find, especially if you’re not familiar with what you should be consuming, and if you’re weary about the origin of those products. Mexican start-up YEMA was launched in October 2019 as a one-stop shop for high-quality, affordable products that are made in close collaboration with manufacturers and use only eco-friendly materials. They offer packaged foods, personal care and home items, both online (with nationwide shipping) and in physical shops in Mexico City. Their nutritional offerings are very varied, but they all are entered around a central axis: a healthy diet. They offer organic vegetables, supplements and drinks on their shelves, and within their in-store cafeteria, they offer healthy meals and snacks as well.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - YEMA


The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up public perceptions around hygiene and health in general. The use of face masks has become widespread, and in some countries, mandatory, due to COVID-19 being transmitted via human-to-human contact. However, masks have proven to hinder communication, particularly among deaf and hard-of-hearing people who often rely on lip-reading; as well as not being completely protective against the virus. These are just a couple of reasons why face shields are becoming more and more widespread, with some experts even suggesting they could replace face masks entirely, while some say both accessories should be used. Since they cover the entire face, they offer a barrier to contracting COVID-19 through the eyes, and they are fully sterilisable and reusable, all the while preventing communication interruption. It’s safe to say that face shields, alongside social distancing, will become a part of the new normal post-COVID.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - New Normal: Face Shields (article)


American pharmacy CVS launched their Beauty Mark initiative in 2018, in order to more accurately reflect what their customers look like, instead of enforcing outdated and hegemonic beauty standards. To achieve this, their brand partners are being worked with to ensure that they label what images have been digitally altered. The images that aren’t retouched are a breath of fresh air in an industry that often leaves out beauty marks and modifies skin tone and facial features, when it should be showcasing those differences broadly, so people feel more at ease with their own physical appearance, and not intimidated by the products they seek out.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - CVS Beauty Mark


Fashion designer duo Matières Fecales have been shaking up Instagram with post-human, alien-inspired aesthetic since 2016. The couple use their account to showcase their fashion creations, and having been characterized for seeing the beauty in the bizarre, often photoshopping their bodies with extreme modifications such as horns, deformed feet, and flesh extensions. The duo’s controversial posts have attracted the attention of publications such as Vogue, Vice and Dazed, which have featured them as true beauty disruptors. The way they bend conventions of beauty and gender is a provocative, but much needed, form of expression.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - Matieres Fecales



Despite decades of ad campaigns promoting weight loss products and hailing a new diet as miraculous, there simply isn’t one catch-all method for weight loss. Every person’s genetics, and by direct correlation, every person’s bodies, are all different. Thus, every nutritional plan and exercise regimen must take into consideration each person’s needs. NutriADN is a Mexican company that takes DNA samples from its users and processes them to reveal each person’s nutritional requirements, as well as their exercise capacity and even their response to rest and stress. This information can later be used by users to craft their own ideal plan for achieving a healthy lifestyle, on their own terms, without societal or environmental pressures.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - NutriADN


Your breath holds the key to understanding your metabolism. Lumen is a small device that captures your breath and analyzes its contents, which are translated and displayed on your phone screen, telling you whether you’re burning fat or carbs, if you’re low on energy, or if you should get a workout in. The service is backed up with several studies and test drives across universities, as well as being based on techniques used by athletes to achieve peak performance. Lumen promises to allow users to hack their metabolism, one breath at a time.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - Lumen


Actress and activist Jameela Jamil has been outspoken with her own struggles with body image and weight throughout her career. In 2018, she posted an Instagram story in which she listed her achievements and struggles after the statement “I weigh”, addressing the frustrating way in which women are often only regarded by their weight and bodies. After this, the I Weigh movement was created, with thousands of people posting their metaphorical weight on Instagram. Jamil later launched the I Weigh podcast in which she interviews a range of notable people on body image topics; and the I Weigh community, which has become a remarkable resource for body positivity.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - I Weigh


Rihanna’s SAVAGE X FENTY lingerie line has been a true disruptor in the industry, with a sharp focus on inclusivity, fearlessness and, most importantly, confidence. Their campaigns, including their much-publicized 2019 showcase show, have included models of all ethnicities, body types and genders, further deepening the brand’s commitment to making lingerie accessible and liberating for everyone. Beauty is subjective, but Savage X Fenty is helping to shift that perspective.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - SAVAGE X FENTY


What should a woman over 50 look like? How should she be perceived by society? Lingerie brand Knix aims to respond to these questions through their latest campaign, made in honor of International Women’s Day 2020. 13 women ranging from 50 to 81 years old are shown wearing only Knix underwear, and we can see them showing their bodies without shame, with a sense of confidence and pride. Effectively, brands like Knix are expanding the standards of beauty in the 21st century.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - Knix Underwear (article)


Miss Germany 2020 is not what many would expect. The all-female jury of the competition has crowned 35-year-old Leonie von Hase, a mother and entrepreneur, as the latest recipient of the title. The controversial decision comes from the pageant’s new motto, “Empowering Authentic Women”, which effectively recalibrates the standards for what constitutes a “beautiful” woman. By allowing mothers and women as old as 39 to participate, and substituting the swimwear category for “informal clothing”, the organizers of the event have broadened the possibilities in what used to be a highly restrictive contest, aiming to reflect the beauty of the average woman.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty (article)


Dove has become an icon and world reference on the discussion about “Real Beauty”. For almost 20 years they have successfully played with the concept in many initiatives and campaigns, playing a vital role in the new definition of beauty.

the recalibration of health and beauty - dove


While Dove successfully owns the feminine real beauty conversation, Dressmann, a Norwegian clothing brand, found the opportunity to do so for men, with great acceptance among consumers.

the recalibration of health and beauty - dressmann


With the strong message “True Style is Self-Acceptance” this digital media and growing community embraces a movement that explores style beyond “trends, money or presenting a facade of photoshopped perfection”.

the recalibration of health and beauty - StyleLikeU


The biggest tension in this trend is actually between “must be” and “be”. Even if women know high heels are not good for their health, they use them because “they feel they have to” in some specific moments such as work or dates. Tanya Heath takes advantage of this tension with an innovative idea: exchangeable heels.

the recalibration of health and beauty - xxx


Winnie Harlow is an international model who works for brands such as Desigual, Diesel and Swarowski. She has a special skin condition called vitiligo and recently some of her fans started copying her “style” with makeup, generating lots of controversy.

the recalibration of health and beauty - winnie harlow



Instagram account @caloriebrands is dedicated to posting images of snacks and junk food packaging with a single twist: instead of the brand logo, we have the amount of calories each package contains. Besides the impressive attention to detail with each product and its logo, the account boasts a sense of humor while reminding people that each of these mass-manufactured products takes a toll on your body–even stating so in their cheeky bio: “This is what brands should look like to help you achieve your summer body goals”.

The Recalibration of Health and Beauty - caloriebrands



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