Behavioral Trends: The Revolution of the On-Demand


The Revolution of the On-Demand


We just wish to have what we want, wherever and whenever we want it. We don’t need permanent ownership of anything. We need here & now services and products, that are convenient and personalized.




3D-printing technology has seen incredible growth in the past decade, expanding to many unexpected areas – one of them being the kitchen. 3D printed food is the epitome of the on-demand, and Natural Machines’ Foodini accomplishes the task with ease and precision. To print the food, the machine uses 5 different containers, which the user can fill with ingredients. Users can choose from pre-made ‘recipes’, create their own, or print out someone else’s – from dinosaur-shaped ravioli to perfectly-frosted cakes, the Foodini’s creations go beyond users’ demand and tap into their creativity.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Foodini


Globally-operating HR company Modis bridges the gap between business owners and IT and engineering specialists in order to help businesses innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Specializing in Staff Augmentation, their on-demand services expand to multiple industries, including telecommunications, automotive and energy; allowing clients to get the right talent at the right moment, and to feel at ease in the organisation’s expertise.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Modis


When it was founded in 1997, Netflix was destined as an on-demand DVD rental service, in which users had a rotating selection of up to three films they wanted to watch, receiving them by mail. Even before becoming the pioneering, industry-redefining streaming service and content producer we know today, Netflix always was meant to be an on-demand service – changing in the process the film and television industry forever.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Netflix


Thingiverse, MakerBot’s online platform for sharing 3D-printed designs, allows even the least-tech-inclined users to maximise their 3D-printers’ capabilities. Even if you don’t know how to design something of your own yet, you can still download millions of pre-designed objects to print as you see fit. Besides, the social aspect of the Thingiverse lets users see what’s trending and get inspired to make and share their own creations.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Thingiverse


In today’s extremely influenced and celebrity-focused world, celebrities seem less like distant, impersonal, unreachable icons and are starting to be seen as accessible. Cameo is a service that allows users to hire celebs of all ranks to say practically anything, letting fans and non-fans alike brag about how Snoop Dogg wished them a happy birthday, for example. The once-rare celeb shoutout is now on-demand, no matter the cost.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Cameo


Going to the salon before a night out can be a hassle – Priv is an app that lets the nail tech, hairstylist or masseuse come to your house at the tap of a button. A practical, on-demand hub for beauty services that makes getting that touch-up quicker than ever.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Priv


Spotify, much like its TV and movie counterpart Netflix, became a trailblazer for music streaming services and revolutionised the music industry as well, making MP3 players and CD obsolete. While free users have limited skips, obligatory shuffle play and ads, paying Premium users have complete on-demand control over what music they want to listen to, besides being able to download it. Spotify is now the industry standard for music streaming, and opened the floodgates to similar music streaming services.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Spotify


Barcelona-based company Glovo provides on-demand, custom delivery and courier services in over 20 countries through their accessible, user-friendly app. Pretty much anything the user wants, the app can deliver – as long as it fits inside the courier’s delivery backpack and it’s not illegal: from restaurant takeaway to flowers or even the keys you forgot at home.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Glovo


It seems that whatever you want, you can get nowadays – even friends. For a price, you can hire a random stranger to be your friend through the Rent-a-Friend website. Whether you need someone to listen to you rant, someone to bring home to introduce to your parents or simply company while you walk in the park, the Rent-a-Friend service promises users temporary, convenient company. While it’s a commonplace service in Japan, the U.S. based service is more of a novelty and can make users a bit wary –but it’s a compromise for some respite from loneliness.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Rent-A-Friend


Over the past decade, 3D-printing has expanded to unconventional or unexpected fields, proving its versatility and applicability. The U.S. based Local Motors presented the world’s first 3D-printed electric car, the Strati, in 2014, to warm reviews. The car, which has been described as a Roadster, is a milestone both in automobile development and 3D-printing, offering a promising future for both industries.

The Revolution of The On-Demand - Strati


Transportation has been in a steady process of evolution over the past century. Right now, we can order practically anything from the Internet and have it in our hands in anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Wing, a Google/Alphabet subsidiary, aims to make that waiting time turn into a matter of minutes, by using revolutionary drone delivery technology. The drone picks up the package and drops it off safely, avoiding power lines, trees and buildings with precision. Currently, the service is only operational for select businesses in Finland, Australia and Virginia (US), but the results are promising, and we could soon see it implemented on a mass scale.

The Revolution of the On-Demand - Wing (article)


A bookstore in Seville (Spain) is centered around a novel concept: an on-demand book printing service, using a special machine nicknamed “The Dragoness”. Customers walk into the store, ask for a book, and in just 7 minutes they have a freshly-printed copy in their hands. Currently only one publisher has rights to use the machine, but others are in talks to have their titles featured in the bookstore.

The Revolution of the On-Demand - La Isla de Papel



Remember when you used to have “dates” with your TV? Remember those times that you had to adjust your agenda to the TV programming grid? Remember arriving 10 minutes late and losing the beginning of your favorite program? Those stories sound like prehistoric nowadays. Internet and its on-demand interactivity have come to change our relationship with media forever. Now, no doubt about it, you are in control!

The Revolution of the On-Demand - Youtube


The on-demand model has permeated to many industries looking for more efficient business models. In the editorial business, brands like Bubok are playing with a whole new paradigm: instead of printing 1,000 units of a book and then see who to sell them to, they installed an on-demand process so they digitally print only those books that have been already sold through their website. That means zero-waste of paper, ink and resources.

The Revolution of the On-Demand - Bubok


Having the fixed costs that an office represents is not the smartest way to operate your startup or freelance services anymore. In fact, you’ll probably work best from home and so your coworkers and partners. Having a good internet connection seems enough to stay fully communicated. But from time to time you need to get together, and Starbucks is not always the answer. You need privacy to focus with no distractions. You need specific spaces for different moments. Sometimes is a meeting room with a projector to pitch or sell. Sometimes is a garden or by a pool to stimulate creativity. Sometimes is only for 2 people, sometimes for 15. Having a specific space for every specific need, with no fixed costs, is now possible. Thanks to the power of the crowd, Breather lists every available space in your city, so you may rent the nearest and most convenient for hours or days, only when you need it.

The Revolution of the On-Demand - Breather


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