Behavioral Trends: Value by Design


Value by Design


We are driven by aesthetics, not boring functionality. We seek and appreciate beauty in our lives, it transforms ordinary into extraordinary. It gives us emotional and intellectual rewards. We use design to express and share our identity. We want to make a statement with our choices and generate conversations around our original style.


The Swedish furniture giant Ikea and the Danish toy staple Lego have more in common than their Scandinavian origins and their focus on building. In 2020, they launched their first collaboration, the Bygglek storage box. Designed in collaboration between the teams of both companies, the box’s most critical feature is the presence of Lego studs in the interiors and lid, which allow kids to pause and continue building without needing to tidy up. A solution that incorporates both Ikea’s signature minimalism and Lego’s creativity, and keeps both children and their tidiness-oriented parents happy.

Value by Design - IKEA x LEGO


The COVID-19 pandemic turned the face mask from an uncommon accessory to a complete necessity. Many brands, both mundane and luxury, have taken this opportunity to put a spin on face masks, seizing the opportunity to associate their brand with protection from the virus. One of the quickest brands to take action was Adidas, with their reusable mask, aptly named “Face Cover”. The design is not particularly revolutionary, except for the prominent inclusion of the Adidas logo on the side of the mask. Ultimate proof that the design alters the value of a product – in this case, a simple logo on an otherwise necessary item.

Value by Design - Adidas Face Cover


Let’s face it: a large proportion of tourists don’t know how to effectively communicate in the country they’re visiting. Either they don’t know the language, or their questions come across in an unintended way to locals. Startup IconSpeak developed a practical, wearable form of avoiding these issues: a T-shirt with a selection of universally-understood icons. The company says users should simply know how to say “hello”, “thank you” and ”goodbye” in the local language, and then simply point to the icon that represents their current need. Simplified but efficient design is the key to making this product valuable.

Value by Design - Iconspeak Icon Shirt


Designed to encourage kids to use bike helmets, DDB and Moef developed a prototype that turns you into a Lego figure. Protection, safety and fun granted.

value by design - lego helmet


There are several design ideas, based on witty concepts, franchises or stories, that turn even the most boring and functional key holder into something better, beautiful and desirable.

value by design - key holders


Developed by British designer Benjamin Shine, the Rekindle Candle collects melting wax at its base inside a tube, molding it into yet another candle when it is finished burning. A very clever and simple idea.

value by design - eternal candle


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