Unusual Services

Conferences & Workshops from a Human-Centered Perspective.

We love to change minds. See our set of conferences & workshops about the human-centered approach, innovation, startups, digital transformation & marketing. Challenge the statu quo of your business from a human-centered perspective.

Brands, Campaigns, Marketing Strategies & Digital Transformation in a Post-Digital Era.

Everything is digital, so every business must be digital too. We live in a post-digital era where the focus of our strategies & technologies must be the people: clients & collaborators. Let’s add value to their daily lives through our brands, products, services, campaigns, technologies & platforms. Walk the talk of the digital transformation through a post-digital human-centered approach.

From Inspiration to Ideation to Innovation-Driven Business Transformation.

Innovation means change, and change is the only constant. Dare to reinvent your business, embrace innovation in an ever changing world. Get your human eyes, inspire your teams, learn the new trends leading your industry, ideate new ways to create value for your customers, transform your whole organization into an Innovation-Driven Business.

Incubation, Acceleration & Value Creation, for the good of the people.

For the good of the people means that, whenever you are creating real value for the market, you will receive value in exchange. That makes your business sustainable in time.

A Human-Centered Post-Demographic View on People / Market Trends / Behaviors, Insights & Needstates.

Our differentiation: a post-demographic approach. Our set of human-centered behavioral trends for role-playing & value creation, each one written from a human perspective: full of insights & needstates.

Teams & Projects Assessment / 1-to-1 & Teams Coaching Sessions / Wealth & Talent Dynamics. Find your Personal Path to Success.

Every business needs people, the same way a car needs a driver. And we all know the driver is who makes the difference, not the car. Find your purpose, passions, talents and weaknesses, and how to use them to take you and your business wherever you want to.

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