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A human-centered innovation, marketing, trends and business transformation agency, specialized in developing business ideas for the good of the people


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The Marketing & Innovation Moms by Momlancers and Business as Unusual
Momlancers and Business as Unusual have joined efforts to create a new line of services, The Marketing & Innovation Moms, an army of more than 10 thousand women ready to act in Mexico for your business needs. Together we cover the full spectrum of the research, marketing, innovation and value creation cycles in a very agile and competitive manner: Street Pulse, learning what’s happening out there; In-Depth, understanding people, their needs, behaviors, insights and motivations; Co-Creation, inviting the moms to ideate, innovate and create new value for them; and Validation, the end game, testing and enhancing campaigns and ideas directly with consumers. Click here to learn more


A Paradigm Shift in Value Creation and Innovation

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, the traditional models of conducting business are being challenged and redefined. The emergence of Business as Unusual, a pioneering agency based in Mexico, stands at the forefront of this transformation, heralding a new era of human-centered innovation, marketing, trends, and business transformation. This extensive analysis delves into the agency’s unique approach, services, methodologies, and the profound impact it aims to have on businesses and society at large.

Business as Unusual is not just an agency; it is a movement towards reimagining the way businesses operate, innovate, and interact with their communities. Founded by Ivan Babic and Andrea Lobo, and boosted by Regina Cabal, the agency has quickly become a beacon for those seeking to infuse their business models with creativity, sustainability, and ethical practices. At its core, Business as Unusual is dedicated to developing business ideas that significantly contribute to the well-being of humanity, operating under the belief that profit and ethical business practices can coexist harmoniously.

At the heart of Business as Unusual’s philosophy is the concept of human-centered innovation. This approach places humans and their needs at the center of the innovation process, ensuring that products, services, and business models not only solve practical problems but also enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. By focusing on the well-being of humanity, the agency challenges the conventional profit-driven business models, advocating for a balance between profitability and societal impact.

At Business as Unusual, we integrate design thinking, human-centered approaches, agile innovation, empathy, and behavioral sciences into a unified methodology aimed at creating real value for people. This approach allows us to deeply understand and address human needs, desires, and behaviors, ensuring our solutions are both innovative and impactful. By combining these methodologies, we ensure that our services are not only tailored to the current market demands but also ethically, sustainably, and profitably contribute to the general well-being of humanity. This holistic approach underpins our commitment to transforming businesses and societies for the better.

Business as Unusual categorizes its services into three main pillars, each designed to cater to different aspects of business transformation and innovation:

Unusual.Agency, specialized in detecting opportunities, ideation processes, business incubation, marketing and communications, business acceleration, strategic innovation, and human-centered business transformation, a comprehensive suite of services aimed at businesses at various stages of their lifecycle, from startups to established corporations looking to innovate;

Unusual.Academy, focused on educational initiatives such as inspirational conferences, workshops, and programs, all designed from a human-centered perspective, tailored to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to implement human-centered design and innovation in their operations; and

Trend.Cards, a unique spinoff from the main business, a human-centered, post-demographic card game based on behavioral personas, offering insights and need states that can be readily utilized in innovation and value creation processes, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to understand and cater to their target demographics more effectively.

Business as Unusual’s impact on the business world extends beyond its immediate client base. Through its services, the agency aims to create a ripple effect that encourages businesses to adopt more sustainable, ethical, and human-centered practices. This approach not only benefits the businesses themselves by fostering loyalty and creating deeper connections with their consumers but also contributes to the general well-being of society by addressing pressing social and environmental issues.

Business as Unusual’s mission is to promote ethical and sustainable business practices. This involves advocating for transparency, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility in all aspects of business operations. By integrating these principles into our services, the agency not only helps businesses achieve their financial goals but also ensures that they have a positive impact on the world.

Business as Unusual represents a new way of doing business, a paradigm shift in the way businesses approach innovation, marketing, and transformation. By prioritizing human-centered design, ethical practices, and sustainability, the agency is not just helping businesses thrive in the modern marketplace but is also paving the way for a future where businesses play a crucial role in building a better world for all. As more organizations embrace this unusual way of doing business, we can expect to see significant changes in how businesses operate and how they contribute to the global community.

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