For the past years we have focused on creating a post-demographic human-centered view on people. We have come with this set of Behavioral Trends to group and cluster human beliefs, behaviors, insights and needstates. Therefore, you can focus on these different groups to create value for them.

Unusual Behavioral Trends

For each of these groups we have created a trend-card. Using a gamification approach, each trend-card is used as an immersion tool for these human clusters: each one is full of insights and needstates that can be read out loud to establish an empathic connection with the person behind the trend.

Unusual Behavioral Trends Play

Written by our partner Andrea Lobo, the texts with all the INSIGHTS & NEEDSTATES are only available in the printed version of the trend-cards. You can buy the printed deck of trend-cards by contacting us at

Each trend-card has a QR code to bring you more information about the human group it represents, and a webpage full of examples of each one.

We have already clustered a set of 48 behavioral trends, here’s the list to navigate each one.



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