Human-Centered Entrepreneurship 4 steps

For our startups development service, we use our own methodology called the HUMAN-CENTERED ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Following a 4 steps approach, always from the consumer’s perspective (our HUMAN-CENTERED approach), we are capable of walking the talk from an idea to a world-class startup.

We work in an unusual way: while everyone seems to focus on the business model…

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship steps 1 and 2

We start from the basis that 9 out of 10 startups don’t survive their 2nd year, so we stress the idea until it dies (as soon as possible) or survives by having blunt arguments (and data) to support it.

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship filters

Each stage of the HUMAN-CENTERED ENTREPRENEURSHIP has its own models and procedures…

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship step 1

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship the idea

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship unique value proposition

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship step 2 the potential

Using our base of MENTALITY & BEHAVIORAL TRENDS we can define and enhance the potential of an idea in the market.

mentality & behavioral trends

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship step 3 the viability

We use the Business Model Canvas from Alexander Osterwalder, with 3 shifts following our own philosophy and methodology.

  • When we get to the Business Model Canvas, the Value proposition is already defined, so the focus can be, actually, the Business Model.
  • We brainstorm always from the consumer’s perspective, that is, for example, we don’t ask “how will we charge consumers for that value?”. Instead, we think on “how will they be willing to pay for that value?”
  • We change the order of the canvas into 5 groups, leaving the REVENUE STREAMS by the end of the exercise as the core part of this stage.

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship business model canvas


Human-Centered Entrepreneurship step 4 the path

Every idea, with potential and a viable business model has to become a project. For that we use our own 3 levels model called THE PATH.

The 3 levels of the path are MILESTONES, ACTIONS & DATA, and you plan your startup step by step in that order. MILESTONES, then the ACTIONS necessary to achieve each MILESTONE, and then the DATA necessary to plan those actions.

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship the path

The DATA is key for the planning of everything, understanding that you need to prove your hypothesis and size the impact of your business and the response of the market.

We plan your MILESTONES very carefully, alternating INVESTMENTS and ACHIEVEMENTS. That is, when is the moment to ask for money or resources to execute the next set of ACTIONS, and what will be the impact of that achievement in the numbers of the company.

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship the path milestones

Every MILESTONE you achieve has to demonstrate with DATA, the evolution of 2 axis: the VALUE axis, meaning the increase in the projected real value of your idea given the business results you have demonstrated, and the UNCERTAINTY axis, demonstrating the decrease of the risk of investing in your idea. For example, getting the first 1,000 paid users of your platform is a great MILESTONE: it helps you size and project real VALUE while demonstrates the traction of your idea and the desire of the market for having it (it is not a wild dream anymore, as you already have customers).

The HUMAN-CENTERED ENTREPRENEURSHIP is a methodology following the principles of our HUMAN-CENTERED approach. It pivots from the common sense of giving value to the market and understanding the value you add to people’s lives. Then, whenever people perceive value in what you do, they will be willing to give some value in exchange to obtain it.

So, whatever you do, do it…

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship for the good of the people