Our roster of Human-Centered Agency services comes in a full range of involvement options, covering the full scope of innovation. marketing. consulting and Business Transformation Services. Going from opportunities detection to full organizational transformations using our own methodologies and involving all your employees in the process.

Unusual.Agency - From Opportunities Detection to Business Transformation

No matter if you already have your innovation and marketing processes in place, and you’re only looking for fresh consumer insights, or you are clueless about where to start the transformation of your company. We can help you in a variety of ways in the process of value creation for your clients, pivoting from the common sense of the Human-Centered Approach (what’s happening out there), as a starting point for your creativity:

  • Human-Centered Opportunities Detection – From Trend-Watching and Market Analysis to In-Depth Interviews, we help you detect Trends, Tensions, Insights and Needstates for your Innovation and Value Creation Processes.
  • Human-Centered Ideation – Using The Wheel, our agile ideation game for value creation.
  • Human-Centered Incubation – Using the Human-Centered Entrepreneurship methodology to develop & launch your ideas from value creation to validation.
  • Human-Centered Communication – We have developed several Human-Centered Communication Models to create your campaigns and deploy your communication strategies.
  • Human-Centered Acceleration – We can take your go-to-market strategies to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness using our Human-Centered methodologies for Marketing and Business Planning.
  • Human-Centered Innovation – Using Gap & Bridges, our Innovation Model to create marketing and business plans and initiatives.
  • Human-Centered Innovation-Driven Business Transformation – Our 10 steps approach to transform your business into an Innovation-Driven Business from a Human-Centered Perspective.

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