Human-Centered Ideation

Our team generates new ideas & human-centered value propositions for your business in an easy 1,2,3 using THE WHEEL, our methodology for agile ideation. THE WHEEL is a human-centered ideation game designed to create Unique Value Propositions. Whether you are an established brand or just a startup, the gameboard works as a snapshot of your company, representing the axis of your value equation where we can introduce new ideas and innovations. It is better if played in collaborative groups, as a brainstorming focused on solving business problems by detecting market opportunities. We can play it for you or organize co-creation sessions with your team.

Human-Centered Ideation using THE WHEEL

It’s a game, easy as 1,2,3:

  1. The Central Question: THE WHEEL begins by defining a brief in a tweet, that is, a bit of the context and the main business problem to be solved during the brainstorming sessions.
  2. The Opportunities: One of the principles of the human-centered approach is EMPATHY. Using our Trend.Cards we play the role of different behavioral groups. Understanding the way people think and behave, their beliefs and needstates we start seeing opportunities to add value in the unmet needs they have.
  3. The Ideas: THE WHEEL is designed for agile ideation processes, that is, to detonate ideas, not to develop them. The best ideas can normally be expressed in a short sentence, and you’ll see they are good because people get enthusiastic about them immediately. Later you may develop the best ones, for market tests and validation.

Human-Centered Ideation using THE WHEEL

Let’s create together, for the good of the people.

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