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INXAIT Marketing School – Marketing, Storytelling and Innovation Workshops – El Salvador


INXAIT Marketing School and Business as Unusual have signed a long-term agreement to introduce different marketing, storytelling and innovation workshops into their pensum for their Social Media, Pharma, Human Resources and CRM courses.


Using our human-centered methodologies for value creation (human-centered creative innovation) and marketing plans (moments-based marketing strategies) for laser-focused value insertion there where it’s needed. In times of digital media and infoxication, you should learn how to create value and how to be present and available wherever your potential customers need it.


Learning the Why, How, What, Who, Where and When to tell good stories in order to connect with your audience. Take advantage of our storytelling brains. Create stories people will remember. Learn how to use the TIME variable in your marketing plans. Learn how to create campaigns based on storytelling methodologies such as The Storytelling Matrix, The Human-Centered Candy Brand, or the monologue/dialog timeline.


Using THE WHEEL, our proprietary agile ideation methodology and our BEHAVIORAL TRENDS to spot innovation opportunities based on insights and unmet needstates out there. Used for external value creation (marketing) and internal value creation (human resources), always from a Human-Centered perspective (acceptance, empathy and congruence).

Each of these workshops connect the dots on how to create real value propositions for customers, how to tell great stories about your company, product or service, and how to insert that story in the most relevant moment for your consumers, wherever and whenever they really need you.

We have worked with different teams and categories, such as human resources departments, CRM, marketing departments, creative agencies, traditional media, and entrepreneurs.

See us in action in different Marketing, Storytelling and Innovation workshops here:

San Salvador, El Salvador since 2016