INXAIT Marketing School - The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling Workshop – August 2018

The Art of Storytelling – 2 days workshop.

In an infoxicated world, where everyone screams at once and the new consumer has consciously opted for selective deafness, the only way to be noticed and remembered is by telling good stories. The Art of Storytelling is a 2-day workshop teaching the importance of storytelling and different methodologies and models to create killer campaigns using it.

WHY STORYTELLING… Simon Sinek and the golden circle. The storytelling brain. The power of the story. The transfer of the value equation. Empathy.
WHEN TO TELL STORIES… The 360 vs. Storytelling. The element “time”.
WHO TO TELL THEM… Monologues vs. Dialogues. The element “others”.
WHAT TO TELL… What is the story? Types of story. Brandtertainment. Contextual Stories. Celebrities and personal stories. Empathic consumer.
HOW TO TELL THEM… Storytelling models (timeline, storytelling matrix, human-centered)
WHERE TO TELL THEM… Media and platforms (Blogs / Website, Youtube, Facebook, Traditional and transmedia media)

Day 1: Why and how to tell a good story. Why storytelling. The storytelling brain. Mnemonics, attentionomics and the purple cow. Brandtertainment. Kinds of stories to tell.
Day 2: Storytelling your brand. Practical storytelling models to plan your campaigns using the “time” variable.

INXAIT Marketing School –
San Salvador, El Salvador – August 2018


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