Human-Centered Innovation

Design your strategic marketing plans based on market trends & innovation methodologies. Design the trajectory of your company for the next years using worldwide trends to detect opportunities, and innovation techniques/methodologies to exploit them, including our proprietary methodology GAP & BRIDGES™.

Involve the general direction of the company and the marketing, sales and innovation departments into an innovation game. Human-Centered and trends sensibility for the teams. Trends usage for the generation of innovative ideas for your company.

The GAP & BRIDGES™ model is our tool to create yearly marketing plans. Instead of “formats to fill” we use a proprietary design-thinking collaborative game to detonate hypothesis of solutions for your business challenges and problems.

GAP & BRIDGES - The Innovation Game

The 123 of playing GAP & BRIDGES™ is:

  1. It is played bottom up, moving your position from your CURRENT SITUATION to your OBJECTIVES AND CHALLENGES. You have different LANES OF ACTION to move towards your objectives.
  2. Collect all the relevant information pertaining the current situation of each LANE OF ACTION, whether it is an advantage or disadvantage for your brand. At the extremes of the model you have the ASSETS you have already built and the TRENDS that are happening in the market.
  3. Using brainstorming techniques, start creating BRIDGES to cross the GAP, that is, hypothesis of ideas or projects to introduce innovations in the different LANES OF ACTION.

GAP & BRIDGES - The Innovation Game

GAP & BRIDGES uses the principles of gamification, human-centered design, design thinking and collaborative brainstorming sessions to create your business and marketing plans with you.

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